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Watch the behind the scenes here!

This video was made possible by my friends in the UK at WISH! To find out more on these zombie adventures check out the links below, honestly one of the scariest things I've ever done!!!! haha.

Zombie Shopping mall –

Zombie Manor –

Wolfmen –

I'll be releasing two more of these videos, one on the Zombie Manor, and one on the Werewolf experience.

The music for this video was composed by Elton Luz specifically for Zombie Mall.
You can contact him at this link.

Visual effects by my friend Jared Moench at

The Zombie one shot video was done on a Canon 5D Mark III.
To get the smooth "flying shots", I filmed those with a Glidecam 4000 HD. Here's a link to where you can buy them if your interested or want to learn more.


Film was made by Devin Graham.
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25 Kommentare

  1. Just back from doing this… it’s was awesome. Took em all out and not bitten once.. Yay !

  2. +Devin Graham +devinsupertramp When is Zombie mansion coming out? 😀

    1. +akgaming92 He answered me on Facebook, that there will not be another zombie video

    1. +Brody Chandler yea they must be or they might just be adding sound effect and good acting but they forgot to reload

    2. +jose hinojosa oh this is a preview for an experience. You pay 300 odd dollars and you get to go through a zombie infested mall shooting zombie actors and there’s special effects and stuff. It looked pretty cool. Said on the website they use Airsoft. 

  3. This is in Reading where I’m from. Use air soft guns actually a lot of fun

  4. This is why you never purposely run into a dead end just so you can have a dramatic death.

  5. On halloween i went to this type of thing at my airsoft place in NJ

  6. This was a promo, hence the dead end scene. They more or less just stood there. lol

  7. Gotta do more zombies man. Now that ur a pro u can nail it

  8. Is this with simunitions, blanks or laser hit detection equipment?

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