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YOU CAN & YOU WILL – Greatest Motivational Speech for Success

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YOU CAN & YOU WILL – Greatest Motivational Speech for Success

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  1. Chase your dream and never quit. Let no one limit you. Never quit. Own YOU. This us your moment. I coach people all over the world to be there best. One day you will hear these videos with my voice because I believe in your ability to progress and align with your complete truth. Own you crush fear.

  2. I won’t own someone else’s negative opinion of me become my reality. I Am good and I Am blessed and I Am the one who will achieve my dreams. I start my day with videos like this and a positive thinking mode and attitude that guides me to become a better person. Les Brown is very inspiring and motivational. Thank you Motivation Addicts for this awesome video. Have a blessed day!

  3. A lot of people in the world think that success…. Is having a lot of money. Success to me is not having a lot of money, success to me is accomplishing dreams, and personal goals set by myself, for myself. To succeed is to gain love for myself and others, honor, knowledge, and learning from the things I have failed at. We are in a time where there is so much negative in the world, on TV, in the newspapers. We need to take a step back and read ourselves and our neighbors. SUCCESS, is to dream, and learn.

  4. Over and over again in life I have witnessed how the power of positive thinking has controlled situations. Believe in yourself and always know you can . Thank you God for this in my life. I AM I CAN I WILL

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