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It’s Friday, so that means it’s time for Fails of the Week! This week we have a workout gone wrong, the world’s laziest employee, and more! Submit your video to


Man Caught Eating Soup Straight From Ladle at Grocery Store
Man Startles Deer into Running Face First at Fence
Lawyer Flips Over Desk While Dancing in Office
Girl Rams in Door as She Climbs Into Moving Car
Shirtless Man Falls on Head After Second Attempt At Backflip
Kid Faceplants After Attempting Drift Tricycle Ramp Jump
Girl Attempts Quadruple Backflip off Sixty Foot Bridge
Baseball Fan Breaks Street Sign in Front of Crowd
Resistance Band Snaps and Hits Guy in Eye While Exercising
Older Monkey Steals Treat From Baby Monkey
Golfer Attempts to Jump Across Creek and Falls In
Man Hits Face with Knees While Attempting Backflip
Dad Gets Hit in Crotch While Teaching Kid to Juggle
Four Teens Wipeout While Tubing
Guy Faceplants After Attempting To Kick Arcade Game
Guy Nearly Smashes Phone After Performing Backflip
Skateboarder Faces Nasty Fall Failing to Slide on Rail
Biker Flips over Handlebars After Failed Ramp Jump
Man Falls While Trying to Knock Snow off Roof
Skateboarder Hits Back of Head on Pavement
Rapper Attempts Stage Dive and Falls
Crawling Clown Scares Mother-In-Law
Man Slips Hilariously on Boat’s Edge and Falls into Water
Skateboarder Gets Hit in Crotch After Failed Kickflip
Repairman Accidentally Launches Snowmobile into Fence
Boy Swept off Feet After Getting Tangled In Dog’s Leash
Groomsman Knocks over Bridesmaid with Chest-Bump
Mom Pranks Kid with Scary Clown in her Booster Seat
Pet Shop Employee Naps on Shelves Inside Store
Guy Ends up Faceplanting on Floor While Double Backflipping

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    1. One of my college roommates talked me and another friend into a prank to scare his girlfriend. Long story short, we successfully scared her … I had a black eye, my friend was singing a different octave for a minute and my roommate had one less girlfriend. Too bad it wasn’t recorded (back before cell phones were a normal person’s thing) lol. Then again, I’m glad to not have the constant reminder. I was like „Geez dude! You didn’t think the fact that she was an accomplished martial artist was a relevant piece of info?“

  1. 1:32 LOL what a f’ing tool. Just add some plates to the bar you p*ssy.

    1. +Herpes Foryou actually cables do have a resting point. Heres an example for you about resting points. If im doing a standing bicep curl on the cables, everytime i fully extend my arms my muscles are resting same as if I’m doing a seated bicep curl when my arms are extended I am again at a resting point. Now lets say im using a band on my bench, a band has resistance that will continuously want to bring the bar down towards my chest, ok so i lift the bar and bring it down to my chest because of the constant resistance its my muscles job to keep the bar from going to low so because of that my muscles are not resting and now I push the bar up and the resistance becomes more and more with each inch of the press because of the band being stretched, same as a chain its just a different type of resistance.
      And yes I do lift as I have a certificate in kettlebell training, sandbell training, sports nutritionist and a certification from nasm to be a personal trainer.

    2. I make compilations with only new video’s. Thanx for supporting.

    3. +Alejandro Jaimes if you don’t know how chains work you clearly don’t understand how to lift or basic physics.

    4. Similar thing happened to me about 6 moths ago. A band snapped off a hook when i was doing facepulls and had my both corneas torn.. i feared i lost my whole vision and was on medication for about 3 months. I hope the guy in the clip is allright. And to all people saying he was egolifting etc.. STFU. Hes doing a proper excersise dont know what yall yapping about

  2. 75% percent of these videos were shot vertically. Come on people, turn your phones sideways!!!

    1. Vertical videos are the best. Always keep moving around, zoom in, zoom out, wiggle, shake and tilt your camera!

    2. Those vertical vids maybe should have ended up on snapchat or an insta story or something. They probably weren’t like „yeah let’s upload this to youtube“ in the first place. But I get what you mean

    3. I make compilations with only new video’s. Thanx for supporting.

    4. +TheCOP8 Because most non-phone screens are horiztonal? Because what’s going on beside the subject is usually more interesting than seeing more of the ground and sky? The only time it’s OK to film vertically is for Snapchat and IG, which TBF is probably like 80% of these vertical videos…

    1. Александр Воробьёв sagt:

      diference between monkey and human

    2. Stranger danger! The mom was right, don’t take food from a stranger. Lmao

  3. That guy did not eat soup out of the ladle then put it back in the salad bar, did he??? Goddamn.

    1. With the way some people leave their kids unsupervised, you really are risking your life at those buffets … not to mention the ones who bring sick kids with them (that’s a risk at any food establishment).

    2. I literally heard bout that 5 mins before watching this video

    3. +intangibletruth Seriously, avoided buffets before but am really going to avoid them after seeing that clip- gross!

    1. Peppa pig And if “kys” means kill yourself you’re an idiot along with the ones liking your stupid post.

    2. How are things on Mars? 1. Here on planet earth, shopping malls are struggling due to internet commerce. 2. Walmart provides a large variety of goods at great prices, hires thousands of people, and pays lots of taxes. 3. Businesses exist to enhance owner value and that is why shareholders get dividends. Nothing stopping you from buying Walmart stock 4. Asia is not a country

  4. 5:06 — That’s how most of the Yuppie era came to an end; all that cocaine, man.

    1. I was thinking more MDMA / ecstasy as he can’t keep still

    1. Le Bublerkin: Brilliant! It was actually “Get out ma garden ya freak“ in a north Scottish accent, but yours is much better.

  5. 3:06 stage dive fail, you are not in a hardcore show. Hip hop3 suck

    1. He could have been fine but it looks like he jumped into a group of women.

      She wasn’t readyyy.

  6. You have to be pretty damned desperate to sleep on dog (or cat) food. It’s rather smelly, after all. Also, the wrapped kibble doesn’t make for the best bedding. Person was probably working two jobs or something.

  7. Soup guy is the reason We can’t eat at Buffets – dirty pig, get a bowl ffs

  8. 3:08 when SoundCloud rappers think they have fans that support them

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