Winter is Coming: Snow Fails (October 2018) | FailArmy

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It’s getting cold out, and while it may only be October, WINTER IS COMING! Bundle up and enjoy some fails in the snow! We have sledding fails, ski fails, and more! Submit your video to! Be sure to check out The Flop!


Snow Plow Covers Bystanders in Snow
Dog Attacks Snow Flying From Snow Blower
Guy Tries to Backflip in Snow
Snow Mountain Bike Faceplant
Cartwheel into Snow Bellyflop
Skier Jumps and Faceplants Snow
Girl Dives Into Layers of Snow
Faceplant off Bike in Snow
Trampoline Snow Bellyflop
Baby Face Plants Into Snow
Winter Gymnast Sinks into Snow
Man on Tube Crashes into Snow
Girl Fails on a Snow Day
„Guy Eats Snow “
Snowboard Jumper Crashes in Snow
Skiing Woman Faceplants Snow
Snow Roof Fall
Guy Can’t Backflip into Snow
Biker Runs Into Snow Bank
Snowmobile Crashes Downhill
Ice Skater Falls on Back
Snowboarder Slips on Ice
“ Downhill Skier Faceplants on Ice“
Ice Auger Spin Fail
Snow Plow Drops Snow From Overpass
Snow Mound Backflip Fail
Snowboarder Nosedives Into Snow
„Rally Car Drifts into Snow “
Parkour Fail in the Snow
Guy on Snow Tube Wipes Out

65 Kommentare

    1. Kitter Catto12 What sick joy can you squeeze out of begging likes indirectly on all videos you see? I hurts me seeing humanity is degenerating

    1. not me, my knee’s going out and I have steps to climb with armloads of fire wood. somewhere online I saw people using a tread mill to load firewood, anyone got one I can borrow? stay warm ya’ll!!

    2. SkullzHunterz Hello from Siberia. I’m always ready.

    1. Well, Chrismas merch starts rolling in during September, so… I guess it is?

  1. welcome to Australia, where winter has been and gone. Bring on summer

    1. been raining few times lately for us in Kalgoorlie (hot desert land)

    2. been on and off raining + windy down in Melbourne (hot cold cant make up its mind land)

    1. Mr.Pizza yeah, you nailed it… well there is this thing called probability and consequences of it coming to fruition. Adding to that, you have risk reward consideration and what can you do to mitigate risks.

      You are 100% right, nothing happened this time and next time odds are nothing will happen then either. But showing this to millions of people and there will likely be copiers. If you do this to dog or a kid 1000-10000 times and I will consider it more likely that something bad happens to someone, than not.

      People have survived huge falls with out parachute, but it doesn’t mean you should try it too, right? And please look what idiots are doing on the YouTube videos already and don’t give them more ideas, as it might be your eye on the line when someone tries something stupid.

      What comes to static discharge and fire, can’t happen here, I wear grounded anti static neck collar all the time. My house and furniture are made from stainless steel and every week I spray everything with fire extinguisher 😉

    2. why would you snowblower filthy snow on your dog and be ok with the dog eating it

  2. 03:31 — „Welcome to Jackass?“ More like welcome to the annual Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonation contest.

    1. +Arsh Singh he literally didn’t say any words that started with n you twat.

    2. It wasn’t even Jackass quality material lol. As for the N word, Arsh, shut up. You were just trying to cause trouble.

  3. Its technically Fall right now but ok. I love winter anyway

    1. couldn’t that dog have jumped into the spinning blades of the snowblower?

    2. Because dogs are not supposed to have fun. He failed at dog life.

  4. Your video quality isn’t improving. I saw multiple fails here pulled from videos I watched of yours not even 30 minutes ago. Also, it’s the second of October. People want to see fall fails, like tree climbing, or leaf pile fails. These are December/January type fails.

    1. Australia’s nature is basically a Rick and Morty episode. Your plate of worries is full enough without winter.

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