Wheelie Wipeout: Fails of the Week (June 2018)

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It’s time for another edition of Fails of the Week! This week we have three bros breaking a porch swing, a young boy’s first BMX bail, and more! Submit your videos to!


Sleeping Dog Falls off Back of Couch
Little Boy Fails to Ride BMX out of Truck Bed
Girl Loses Control of Dirt Bike and Crashes It Into ATV
Kid Falls Down While Jumping Across Play Structure
Skateboarder Lands on Face During Photoshoot
Kid Falls Down While Running on Nature Trail
Ball Bounces Hard Into Goalie’s Face
Sailboat Has a Narrow Escape
Men Try to Open Wine Bottle With Giant Stick
Blown Away With the Kite
Tree Falls on Guy Cutting It Down
Weightlifter Falls After Dropping Loaded Barbell
Gender Reveal Baseball Breaks Open on Future Grandpa’s Forehead
Three Guys Accidentally Break Porch Swing
Long-Haired Man Breaks Chair
Kid Playing Soccer Falls and Slides Across Top of Ball With Back
Drag Queen Knocks Over DJ’s Computer
Little Girl Falls off Table
Skier Fails Ramp Trick After Giving Friend High Five
People Fail to Lower Grill off Balcony With Rope
Motorcyclist Trying to Do Wheelie Falls
Freerunner Fails Stunt on Obstacle
Employee Knocks Over Buckets Full of Red Wood Stain
Surfer Knocks Buddies off their Boards
Kid on Scooter Faceplants Bowl
When It’s Too Windy to Fly a Kite
Guy Loses Skis While Performing Ramp Trick
Little Boy Bellyflops off Diving Board
Little Cowboy on His Toy Horse
Dog Trips Owner at the Beach
Girl Flies off Front of Seesaw
Motorcyclist Showing off Falls on Car
#FailArmy #FailsoftheWeek

50 Kommentare

  1. 1:44 nice fit on the helmet idiot. That’s how you break your neck… Get the kid a helmet that fits.

    1. …and that Moto-X visor provides extra leverage to break your neck when it snags the ground.

    2. Boston Brotherhood yeah, but did you see that air time? Worth it

  2. 2:45 i love how you can tell someone has a gender studies degree just by looking at their haircut

    1. My thoughts exactly. The dog is probably just fell down out of sheer trauma.

  3. 4:59 What… what did they think was going to happen here? What possible outcome did they think there was to this?

    1. I know. that was the oddest-looking corkscrew, and a peculiar way of using it too. I’ve been camping several times where I’ve forgotten to take a corkscrew. never, ever would consider that. usually I just push the cork in, as i’m drinking the whole thing once it’s open anyway. the only reason to pull it out is to use it to seal the remaining in again.

    2. Tobias Reinhold its clear and obvious that the cork was supposed to pop out instead of the glass breaking. That is what they were thinking.

    3. It’s their effin‘ fault, for trying to drink wine instead of vodka like proper Russians.

    4. IndicaDreaming yeah but not all of it, they probably realized they are screwed when someone forgot the corkscrew.

  4. That guy with the chainsaw is dumb beyond reason, I can’t even begin to explain the danger he put himself in there clearly without any idea of how to use a chainsaw or chop trees down

    1. RaNdoM- -ThoUghTs calling random people on the internet a girl as an insult is all the proof I need that you aren’t married. Not sure how your momma would feel about you being online saying mean words and lying. Better hope she doesn’t come down stairs to check on ya

    2. You all who are complaining at the person who made this comment. You see how no one is complaining about any other parent in this video?
      That’s because the other ones were ACCIDENTS. This one could have been easily prevented with some common knowledge.

    1. haha bearded hotties right there. I hope the swing did not break because they used it for other purposes before pressing the record button!

  5. Great education here, Watch others fail so you don’t have to!

  6. 1:24 Finally some awesome camera follow through from the guy in the back!

  7. 4:59 did you honestly think that the cork will come out by hitting the bottle? no common sense at all

    1. Márton Szigeti depends how much pressure and co2 it has. Ive seen it done on youtube. Maybe you gotta shake it up first to build pressure.

    2. Alan J yeah? Both co2(carbon dioxide) gives it the bubblies. Same thing in soda. Shake it to much and it creates great pressure.

    1. He offered to pay, but the driver called the cops. Links in the description

  8. 3:23 FINIISH HIM!!

    Drag Queen Wins! FATALITY

  9. @1:29 Man, some guys are not meant to be a father, poor kid, he could’ve broken his neck! STUPID DAD! smh

    1. @Aryan Saini
      That’s such a stupid response, to my comment. Please don’t have kids. You sound like a meathead of a parent. In this situation, the father should’ve been the one jumping off, teaching his kid, how to do it properly or do research first, before doing it, the meathead way.

    2. Thinker0822 yeah you’re totally right he should’ve calculated the exact distance and angle along with the wind resistance, or maybe you should do it for him genius, you sound like the kid afraid to go on the rollercoaster because he thinks he’s gonna fall out

    1. Stupid dad to encourage child to do that. It was going to go bad from the start! That child could have gotten a serious neck injury.

  10. 5:40 If you’re doing a gender reveal, you swing at it no matter what. lol You don’t get to wait for the perfect pitch.

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