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It’s time for the freshest fails of the week! This week we have a guy who can’t deal with virtual reality, a soapbox derby accident, and more! Submit your videos to


Soapbox Derby Car Flips Over Mid-Race
Penguin in Zoo Slips and Falls into Water
Man Hits Nose With Dumbbell Weight While Deadlifting
Little Kid Ring-bearer Faceplants Running Up Aisle at Wedding
Little Boy Can’t Keep Up with Spinning Playground Toy
Guy’s Shirt Gets Stuck While Skateboarding Down Staircase
Woman Attempts Champagne Bottle Opening Trick with Knife
Guy Attempts to Pull Out Nose Hair Using Brick
Guy Freaks Out Walking on Plank in Virtual Reality
Skier Crashes into Other Skier After Successful Hill Jump
Little Boy Accidentally Bounces Ball into Eye
Boy Falls Into Water Attempting To Swing on Trapeze
Dog Slams into Fence Trying To Play Fetch
Woman Hits Neck With Barbell While Deadlifting
Girlfriend Wipes Out Trying to Ride Pit-bike for the First Time
Delivery Guy Carelessly Breaks Toilet
Student Hits Crotch Attempting to Balance on Bike Rack
Postal Delivery Truck Off Road While Speeding
Guy Almost Makes It Across River on Rope Swing Then Falls
Little Girl Attempts Front Flip on Monkey Bars and Falls
Inline Skater Hits Butt While Sliding on Staircase Rail
Man Bumps Head into Car Kept Raised on Lift at Repair Station
Golf Club Flies out of Girl’s Hand While She Takes a Swing
Girl Gets Wiped out by Big Wave Midway Shooting her Vlog
Videographer Trips While Filming Guests Entering Wedding Venue
Man Struggles to Walk in Stilts
Boy Falls off Zipline into Muddy Water
Guy Attempts Triple Backflip Off Rope Swing and Falls on Back
Pickup Truck Flips Over During Drag Race
Skater Slams into Parked Motorcycle on Steep Hill

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  1. I’m shocked that were already getting so close to this year’s Best Fails of The Year. Time does fly fast

    1. 苦白石【CleanClouds Channel】 sagt:

      Considering how shitty their videos, i wouldn’t be surprised if the include clips from last year in it.

    2. +苦白石【CleanClouds Channel】 are these Fails of the week-videos supposed to be from the week?
      To the name, it’s obvious yes, but you never know.

      Asking because I’ve seen the nose waxing guy before.

    1. +leadnsteel when i was in russia last christmas i caught my stepmom doing a vertical panorama while we were on a bridge

    1. +OscarMaris the way it was typed was like you was saying it to me. Its why i asked

  2. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    God made me beautiful
    What the hell happened to you

    1. Number Seventeen
      Roses are red
      Violets are blue
      I can actually rhyme
      How about you

    2. +FelixFTW makes me kind of happy. Although im christian i’m well aware of a atheist viewpoint. Funny thing is, that the mindset is almost identical in many cases. So no big difference. Humans will be humans and haters gonna hate.

    3. +Arved Ludwig i mean if you wanna believe in a god go ahead, I just wanna have sex before im 30, thanks

    1. +Vision Lizard Maybe. But trimmer can’t make hair will not grow back again…

    2. +Pelgorsky but the hair will grow back again anyways haha, doesn’t matter if you wax or shave

  3. Anyone else brace themeselves on that last one? I thought we were gonna see a backwards bending leg break eeew

    1. Those are drywall/construction stilts that allow you to work on ceilings or high walls without a ladder. They are challenging & can be dangerous. Was going to buy some for myself until I read stories of how easily you could get a compound fracture if you don’t know what you’re doing.

    2. Don’t know how camera operator kept from laughing. Must have been his wife, refraining from saying „I told you so“

    3. +Steve Davis right at the end it looks like he’s holding his right leg. He probably tore something pretty bad. 🙁 He sounded like he was whimpering at the end.

  4. 5:04 can anyone give context on why this man appears to have bloody skewers up his nose?

    1. +Christian Why go through that? Buy some electric nose clippers.

    2. +NeilPower or a lighter. A fast pass with a flame (and hand covering eyes) and they are all singed and gone!

    3. Doh Joe Gringo oh wow that would stink for ages. have done it accidentally

    1. The real fail is that the people surrounding her are letting her do this when she is CLEARLY palsied in her hands. Sh-sh-shaking like a leaf. Her outfit is fucked up though I agree.

    2. I honestly think she was laughing because she was embarrassed. I’ve done awkward stuff and then tried to laugh it off and no one else laughed. But I also have aspergers so I’m just an awkward moment waiting to happen

    3. +Keaton Buster I don’t really believe sh’es „embarrassed“ as you say, if she was, she would have said sorry or something to that effect, not point at the broken bottle with the knife and keep laughing, you even hear the camera guy was upset and no apology from her or a least one that was recorded in this video clip.

  5. The guy that was doing the virtual reality game should do it while wearing the stilts the last guy was wearing.

  6. any one else think for a second that at 2:33 was jacksepticeye?

  7. 0:01 wtf, the fence even has the dog’s testicles shape dented

  8. I wished all kids were like that of 0:47 , he didn’t start crying, it hurt, but realized it was an accident and it wasn’t that bad

    1. MrLol07 its also about the reaction of the parent
      If the dad started talking like…oh jesus, are you okay? Comme here..does it hurt?
      I guess then the situation would be different

  9. Coming from 19+ years working for television I´ll never understand why people film with their phones upright and miss what happens on the right and the left.

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