Try Not to React: The Fail is Written on Your Face (August 2018) | FailArmy

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Try not to laugh! We have a compilation featuring some of the funniest reactions you’ve ever seen! We have a kid trying wasabi for the first time, a little girl freaking out on a rollercoaster, and more!

Guy Sings in High Pitch from Tattoo Pain
Kid Eats Ghost Pepper then Freaks Out
Cat Freaks Out whe Flower Gets Put on Head
Woman Publicly Freaks Out After Missing Ferry
Guy Freaks Out as Boat Approaches Edge
13 Year Old Girl Freaks out on Roller Coaster
Guy Lights Roommate’s Butt on Fire
Kid Freaks Out Over Silly String Attack
Boy Eats Wasabi
Woman Feeds Buffalo Through Car Window
Guy Falls Off TV Stand Attempting to Open Bottle
Boy Gets Excited Choosing Paint Colors
Driver Scares Mother Awake
Guy Freaks Out During Virtual Reality
Kid Puts Poppers Under Toilet Seat
Baby Reacts to Cake
Son Wakes Mom with Airhorn
Kid Can’t Stop on Zip Line
Man Attempts to Balance Beer on his Head
Malamute Howls Along with Siren
Mom Freaks out When Son Speeds
Woman Makes Baby Noises at Sheep
Guy Fails on High Jump into Pool
Two Men Try to Catch a Mouse
Duo Tries to Do Acro-Yoga on the Beach
Hail Storm Breaks Out During Hot Weather
Dog Gets Confronted After Chewing up Tissue Paper
Girl Gets Scared Opening Wine Bottle
Guy Shows Mom Prank Haircut
A Father has his Back Waxed
Guy Punches Seat after Waking up Scared

Try Not to React: The Fail is Written on Your Face (August 2018) | FailArmy

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  2. 0:05 How all the kids are feeling like going back to school right now.

    1. +Schumifannr Eins yeah you make a channel with only videos full of fails and do that everyday.
      You would run out of ideas in no time.
      So stfu

  3. Good job, I’ve only seen 15 of these before. Is the August 2018 still meant to signify that the fails happened in August 2018, or has is changed to „we published this video in August 2018“?

    1. Is that what you call morons who lack the reading comprehension skills to recognize a publishing date when they see one???

    2. +Olympus Mons make a channel and make videos everyday that are full of fails.
      You wont even be able to keep the channel going for 4 months.
      So whos the stupid one here?

      *actually probably all of us to be honest*

  4. 4:28 you would be less scared if you wore a freaking seatbelt

    1. Superior 44 l


  5. 4:36 Don’t like to sit in a fast driving car. BUT DOES NOT PUT SEATBELT ON. W H A T I N T H E W O R L D

  6. The only fail I see is this channel, and how it’s getting worse.

    1. They have a TV show in New Zealand but Mediaworks has appeared to have just pulled off two guys from the street and it is absolutely horrendous to watch. That show is the biggest fail.

  7. Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I have been clickbaited
    And so have you

  8. I love you guys. You usually make my day, but is not funny anymore when we see the same videos. Over, and over, and over, and over, and over and……..

    1. She should’ve got to the ferry on time like everyone else

  9. Oh look reused clips. This is why I don’t come back here often.

  10. the only fail I saw was this video being uploaded. It’s FAILarmy, not REACTarmy

  11. I didn’t even react once, because I’ve already seen all the clips. Nice one FailArmy, very creative.

  12. Fail army: how can we make our videos better guys?

    Viewers: stop reusing so many clips.

    Fail army: *releases multiple videos with 10% new content*

    Viewers: no

    Fail army: how about merchandise?!?!?!?!

    1. That would make the video only about 3-2 minutes.
      So stop complaining

    2. Tolimpia truth fully what they want is for failarmy to make their own videos by actively throwing them self’s off a bridge

  13. Reduce reuse recycle
    Reduce reuse recycle
    We do it every day
    We do it every day!

  14. The only people who enjoy ride reaction videos are those in them and close family of those in them. NOBODY ELSE LIKES THEM. They are long and annoying stop filling your videos with closeups of people yelling for no reason.

  15. I’m glad it’s garbage day…I can toss this pile of steaming sheet in.

  16. @5:34 they say to this day she is still throwing a fit in the airport….

  17. FailArmy , you have my respect and are my most trusted fail channel I have of the many others subscribed…but let me say that I’m pretty sure I’ve seen all of these clips, from yourself and other channels; what happened ?

    1. There are only so many fails bruh … only so many!

    2. Everyone fall down dramatically while drunk and send them the video! Problem solved

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