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Happy Friday! It’s time for some premium fails! This week we have a toddler bombing down a hill, car fails, and more! Submit your video to! Did you know that you can stream fails and more 24/7? Just follow the link:

Kid gets Scared in Halloween Store
Guy Flings Board up However it Falls Back on His Face
Brother Hits Sister’s Eyeglasses With Nerf Gun Darts
Man Falls Face First into River
Man Falls and Hits Groin While Trying to Skate on Rail
Car Backs up by itself and Hits the Curb
Car Rolls Down by Itself onto Storefront
Car Makes Ominous Sound After Jumping off Speed Bump
Drunk Guy Tries to Leap Across Stream and Falls
Rollerblader Fails to Glide on Rail and Falls into Bush
Girl Fails at Backflipping into Lake From Cliff
Golf Ball Hits man on Boat
Guy Faceplants into Gravel After Backflip Fail
Wakeboarding Trick Fail Followed by Drone Malfunction
Guy Passes Out After Sniffing Chloroform
Overdramatic Guy Wails While Getting Shoulder Tattoo
Man Continues Mowing Grass with Smoking Lawnmower
Couple Gets Wiped out by Wave During Wedding Photo shoot
Skateboarder Falls on Head While Trying to do Full Loop
Man Floating on Inflatable Tube Falls Upside Down in River
Guy Accidentally Throws Neighbors Package onto Roof
Indecisive Diver Slips and Falls into Water
Little Girl Tumbles Downhill on Tricycle
Barrel of Water Falls From Ladder Hoist
Puching Bag Slams in Woman’s Face
Two Guys Crash into Each Other While Inner Tubing Behind Jet Ski
Race Gate Fails to Drop During Motocross
Baby Flips Headfirst into Basket of Toys
Man Falls off Chair While Pushing Rainwater off Top of Tent
Guy Accidentally Lands on Kid After Rope Swinging into Lake

Tricycle Trouble: Fails of the Week (September 2018) | FailArmy

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  1. I don’t understand how you manage to put the same videos in two weeks in a row. What happened to this channel? It blows. Who is mixing audio? Who keeps thinking we want to see videos in slow motion?

    1. Detecting Cornwall stop moaning about people moaning, if you don’t like what they have to say piss off and don’t read their comment

    2. This channel does seem to have gone completely down the pan.

  2. 4:16 Me sunday night thinking I am free tomorrow, after a few moments live flip me over realising I have to go to work 😀

    1. Well, with the present level of control over media here you’d think Putin is to be proclaimed a deity any day soon. But actually he’s quite despised by the large numbers of population. Especially now, with the economic troubles and lots of unpopular decisions over taxes and pensions. But he’s never been loved by everyone even in his better years, it’s just a picture that governed media has to translate. You know, when you can suppress or buy any opposition and have control over the information flow, you are pretty much guaranteed from any trouble and therefore can present yourself any way you like. Have to admit, quite an enviable position to be in 🙂

    2. Well, actually the article quite clearly states the opposite – that people like P-n only as a result of massive state propaganda and „it’s unclear exactly how deep this devotion runs“. When you have no opposition present on traditional media, it’s not very hard to build any image you like – even if you don’t fit that image from any angle. I actually regularly see older people praise P-n and at the same time really despise the state, calling the beurocrats thiefs and killers. Younger people see through it, though, there are very few „putinists“ among them – and those who are mostly do so not out of faith but with carrier prospects in mind. So it’s a very fragile propagandist construction that gives wrong impression to the outside world.

    3. Damn it’s really that deep huh lol. Tbh I don’t know that much about Putin besides that he likes to ride horses topless

  3. The kid hitting his sister’s glasses with the darts may be clever editing, it may be legit… either way, it was amazing.

  4. no tricycles were harmed (or shown) in the making of this FAIL

    1. Bad Man (Young Community Remix) (Instrumental Version) – Windshield

  5. That last one should be an entire different video called „Stoners Get Tattoos!“

  6. What’s the 4:26 fail? A barrel of water goes up a rail until it runs into the deliberately attached 2×4 at an angle, causing it to tip over onto an obviously pre-arranged platform. It seems clear that everything worked out exactly as planned.

    1. This guy has been on before, faking dropping a window on exactly the same apparatus.

  7. Seriously who is your new editor. He/she needs to get fired asap!

  8. ▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄

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