Treadmill Terror: Fails of the Week (November 2018) | FailArmy

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We hope you had a happy thanksgiving! We have a fresh batch of fails for you to watch while you try to get over that food coma! This week we have a dog kicking his owner in the crotch, a cheerleading routine gone bad, and more! Submit your video to!

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  1. At least this one is better than last week’s failed FOTW.

  2. Haven’t seen fail army in years. Glad he’s still making videos.

    1. if you were keeping up you wouldn’t be glad. it’s almost nothing but repeated stuff now

    2. @SickHead, Dang that sucks, but imagine being him. You would have to spend your whole day trying to find clips. It would be the most boring life.

    3. +F.B.I ッ There’s multiple people doing it though, not just one person. Fail Army is part of the Jukin Media company.

    1. +acephantom903 not out of fuel as that was the start of thr race.

    2. +booker 596 Stalled? I don’t think he stalled because he was still rolling but loosing speed. Threw his chain?

    3. +acephantom903 it could be the sand, it fucks a lot of bikes up and if youre not use to it (there are 100s of amateurs in this race) and havent cleared the bike from practise, youre screwed.

    4. He probably ran because the other guys injuries were most likely extremely severe. He’s an idiot for trying to cross the field. Stay put and hope no one hits you, if someone does hit you it’s their fault too- placing yourself in someone’s else’s path shifts the fault to yourself. Poor fella who got wrecked.

  3. A title like that implies a theme. Why not just stick with fails of the week (date) instead of calling the video treadmill terror while only having one treadmill in the video?

    1. @Erthan I agree. Was expecting a treadmill compilation. This was disappointing.

    2. My god. Failarmy is trying really hard to satisfy their viewers. The reused their videos as fillers because they were not sent enough for a long enough and satisfying video. When they completely redo their style there now are little critics getting hundreds of like over small simple things. I mean come on, it is a F U C K I N G title for a video.

    1. I should be able to film horizontally while holding my phone vertically. Why is this not an option by now!?

    2. Because the phone is fixed on that position turning it horizontally just flips to its side.

    3. So much ‘action’ within and the geography of a shot is lost by people shooting vertically. The last clip a prime example. The action is along a horizontal plane from right to left. Why make it difficult to actually see what’s apparently so important to capture? How hard is rotating the phone 90 degrees? It’s why we’re doomed as a species. A wilful apathy to do things correctly or well and a dogged insistence that “Shut up! That’s how I hold a phone, innit?”

  4. „Treadmill Terror“ 8 clips until one of an actual treadmill…. Are titles just picked out of a hat?

    1. +Tomáš Holec well he’d be pretty dead if someone doing 80 on a motorcycle was too hit him directly

  5. 6:00 Anyone has the link for the full thing for the last video?

    1. Nah, there was no way he or anyone else could have held that in that position. That is a big guy jumping and that is a lot of leg power from a bad angle. That leg power plus inertia from the jumper means there’s no way someone’s upper body strength alone could have held it in place. Was the jumpers own fault.

    2. look at the angle where the jumper hit the box or whatever it is. Its close to the edge + the whole body weight combined with the momentum of the jump(meaning a lot of force was delivered to that specific agngle) we need a hulk here to be 100% stable

  6. mid flip she decided that she didn’t want to do gymnastics anymore

    1. I was thinking that too. „just move 4 feet over away from the tv first!“

  7. Fails of the week means fails selected by failarmy team in that week , not the fails that occured in that week . I am right , right ???

  8. That’s a strange place to put a light switch (2:05)…

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