Theme Park Fails & Backyard Bails | FailArmy

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Buckle up for some awesome amusement park fails and some homemade stunt fails competing for your enjoyment! We’ve roller coaster fails, slip n‘ slide fails and much more! Have a favorite? Let us know in the comments below! Special shoutout to Johnny Knoxville and our friends at Action Point for sponsoring the video!

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    1. Ah,OK, now I see… thx for answering, @Yomi Svetlana ! have a good weekend

  1. Y’all post the same video every summer with a new intro and name

    1. Mildly inconvenienced for the briefest of moments while watching free content. The horror.

    2. kostman23 gets wrecked in this. Tries to be cool, and doesn’t even know what he is talking about. Too bad FailArmy doesn’t do screenshots are kostman23 would be the premier fail of the next video because it’s a better fail than most of their content anyways…

    1. Hello failarmy I’m from germany you look a long time my dream would be if i got a heart

  2. Enough with the ad already covering half the screen! You show it once it’s enough, no need to show it like 4 or 5 times every 10 seconds. It’s distracting!

    1. they’re added into the corner of the video, didn’t you watch it before commenting?

    2. K T he earns money doing it so basically you are saying you don’t want him to have money?

    1. can be sure i won’t, barely keep watching their vids here… what they dont understand is that soon or later people will send their fail to another channel and we’ll all be able to watch it again in a better way

    1. PantsB4Squares are you blind the video is literally full of ads

    2. Miley Cyrus Im using a phone with mobile youtube app. I dont have an ad blocker. I dont get any ads except for the included in the video action point. Just started the video again and there are no external ads. While i just watched other videos and there are ads in the beginning i have to skip

    1. Chanconn over 700,000 views I dunno they seem to be doing pretty well

    2. Lord Eddie your profile pic made me think there was a hair on my screen. Swiped at it and noticed it wasn’t real haha good job.

  3. Failarmy has officially turned into *that* channel

  4. 1:27 needs to be the new Wilhelm scream in everything.

  5. I FREAKING hate it when I think I’m watching something normal and it’s just a whole PROMOTIONAL video.

  6. Half of them aren’t in a theme park.
    Plus sponsoring.
    Thanks FailArmy, you never seize to disappoint me.

    1. Hans Müller uhhh, did you not see the theme park fails PLUS backyard fails???

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