The Summer of Fails: Fails of the Week (July 2018) | FailArmy

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It’s the summer of fails! We have a brand new batch of fails for you! Featuring a car crash prank, fireworks and dirt bikes, and more! Submit your videos to!


Guys Riding Dirt Bikes Launch Fireworks at Each Other
Guy Pulls Car Crash Prank on Youner Brother
Woman Greaks out on VR Machine
Snake Pops out of Washer
Guy Wearing Towel Falls off Pull-Up Bar
Car Gets Hit by Train
Paraglider Can’t Takeoff and Crashes into Tree
Grandma Accidentally Drops Toddler While Practicing Tee-Ball
Guy Deploys Airbag Underneath Reclining Chair
Falls and Fails During Annual Hill Bomb Contest
Man Struggles to Fit Small Carry On Bag in Overhead Bin
Women Struggle to Get Out of Inflatable Raft
Semi Truck Drives off Highway to Avoid Hitting Car
Senior Citizen Couple Rides Slingshot
Woman Hides in Pile of Garbage Bags to Scare Coworker
Pull-Up Bar Workout Fail
Drunk Guy Jumps on Limo’s Side Step Rail
Girl Faceplants While Dancing
Girl Falls Off Bar During Sack Race
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  1. They cut it too early, I wanted to see the towel fall and fail.

    1. I agree, cutting that too soon was the biggest fail of all lol

    2. Oh it´s even more a fail because when the towel slides off the tension comes of the bar it´s on and it practically leaps off the last anchor point and drops down. Presumedly to hit the guy on the floor.

  2. THE TOWEL-FAIL ….. make pls an Extra episode what happend with that towel at the last clip!

    1. It dropped. Saw it elsewhere where they didn’t cut it of. Failarmy devs are retards.

    2. would have been better if the towel that the guy was wearing was the one that dropped

  3. 2:45ish. Where’s the fail? It’s people having a good time..?

    1. the fireworks can hurt or kill a person if it were to him them directly or the bike

    2. Chad Irvine it looks incredibly dangerous, but it also looks freaking awesome

    3. This is pretty much Call if Duty online play in real life. Let one of those things hit the dude in his eye or his groin, and that’s a wrap.

    1. It could have become a fail pretty quickly, what with all the trees, wooden buildings, etc. that they were driving around. I was sure something was going to blow up or catch fire.

    2. Out of all the roman candle fights I’ve had, nothing’s ever caught fire, not even pine straw.

    3. We ran around with bottle rockets when I was a kid doing. Cheaper. Was loads of fun. Did it every year at 4th of july and new years.

  4. 2:46 that looks like the most fun thing in the world to me, definetly not a fail

    1. Guess I must have a different idea of fun then other people. That to me just looked dangerous and stupid.

    1. Sebastian – So what? Unless you’re stuck in the closet big boy…

    2. That guy is alpha af – Nobody gets offended


  5. 5:00 I’ll have to do this in my car. Its a manual so I could start stomping the clutch peddle acting like the brake is broken. They would probably pull my Parking Brake though lol 😛

    1. Matt Jasa Thats the whole point, to stomp on a pedal to make your victim think your brakes are shot… and wtf do you mean “It takes automatics a second to realize you want overdrive”? First of all wtf is overdrive? You sound like a little boy. Second, modern dual clutch transmission are so much faster than a manual transmission, which is why manuals are dying out.

    1. At that speed? No, you’d probably seriously injure the guy.

    2. Jae T the problen that evasive maneuvers like that can jackknife the truck, tip it over, send it into oncoming traffic, etc. You avoid one vehicle but send yourself into the path of 10 other cars. Not a good decision. Why should all those other drivers be thrown into harms way instead of the one driver who caused the accident?

    3. Lil Uzi Burnt youre thinking of following too closely. Which is true when you both are moving in the same direction in the same lane. When one person makes a lane change they become the party that must make it safely. Improper lane change and driving in an unauthorized area (the hashed area) would be the cars tickets and what insurance companies eould say

    4. Vince Fagan no its not see my above comment and stop spreading useless drivel

  6. I love FailArmy, but the editing is getting lazier and lazier. 🙁

    1. I used to love fail army but have these aren’t fails, pranks and mucking about aren’t fails, and the rest are really badly edited, did they sell the channel?

    2. especially when they use Brooke Roberts and Bailey as a „fail“ filler…..

  7. That intro and outro is too loud, as usual. Sort it out FailArmy!

    1. Michał Stępień Its called ‘Bucket of Shite’ by Far Too Loud.

    1. EldritchRose he/she also saved the truck in an impressive move. Give that driver a raise!

  8. I was waiting for the towel to fall at the end…. disappointed I missed it

    1. Exactly! That clip should have continued to hold. It would have been the perfect button-up.

    1. damn i fucking lost it during lunch today!! i couldn’t stop laughing… everyone was like „dafuq he doing??“

  9. Please hire someone who knows how to tick the ’normalize audio‘ box when editing these compilations.

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