The Chancla of Destiny: Fails of the Week (October 2018) | FailArmy

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Happy Friday! We have some hilarious fails for you! This week we have an ill-fated attempt at loading a motorcycle onto a truck, an overenthusiastic dancer, and more! Don’t forget to subscribe to The Flop!


Cheerleader Bumps Into Teammate During Tumbling Pass
Driverless Truck Rolls Down on Busy Dual Motorway
Man Falls off Bike While Loading it on Pickup Truck
Test Run of Home Built Snowmobile on Water Goes Wrong
Man Slips in the Porch and Drops Tea Bottles
Shoe Throw Knocks out Kid’s Pants
Guy Fails at Jumping Over Stack of Gym Steppers
Golfer Accidentally Shatters Mirror While Practicing Indoors
Kid Faceplants in Water While Barefoot Skiing
Overenthusiastic Dancing Guy Falls Clumsily Into Pooll
Forklift Fails to Load Car onto Truck
Boy Accidently Hit With Costumed Character’s Fake Sword
Kid Slaps Grandma While Playing Invisible String Trick
Guy Fails at Doing Front Flip off Rock
Guy Falls in Water After Taking Golf Shot by Edge of Stream
Guy Falls While Climbing Unsupported Ladder
Skateboarder Fails to Grind on Concrete Barrier
Man Gets hit in Head After Kicking Car’s Rearview Mirror
ATV Rider Falls off Ramp While Performing Stunt
Guy Shatters Window While Throwing DVD Player Out
Obstacle Racer Slips and Slides Down Ramp on Back
Guy Breaks Backyard Jungle Gym with Motorbike
Pole Dancer Loses Grip and Faceplants Floor
Impatient Motorcyclist Accidentally Knocks Fellow Biker into River
Guy at Bar Breaks Fence While Attempting Parkour
Kids Faceplant into Sand While Trying to Jump on Towel
Drone Crashes Into Girl’s Face While Taking a Group Photo
Men Drop New TV While Climbing Snow-Covered Staircase
Woodworker Accidentally Snaps Bow After Crafting It
Guy Accidentally Sinks Truck After Driving Into Lake

48 Kommentare

  1. Attendez les kheys, pk c’est marquer chancla :issou: ?

    1. Chancla est un mot en espagnol, des chanclas est un type de chaussures, ills semble des flip-flops, je crois, mais pas nouveles.

  2. 0:18
    Her: I’m ready for my close up.
    Drone: Say no more fam.

    1. Tom Walsh
      Couldn’t you find a more fitting comment to say this 😛

    1. I was going to say the same thing. Two clean headshots!

    2. perfect example of a child not getting the discipline they SERIOUSLY need.

    1. Did you know the max kills you could get in a round of fortnite is 99…is that the same age is grandma?

    2. Wish they’d do a semi auto Russian Roulette dance and dumbfucks around the globe would be purged with ease.

  3. The little kid that slapped his grandmother can go straight to hell

    1. He must’ve had a good reason to do it. Maybe it was just for the camera.

    2. I think it was a invisible string ‚magic trick‘ prank. They prob have fun as family and he didn’t regulate his end of string smack as well as he should have for his grandma.

  4. 2:22 If I were his father, I’d have broken his head 30 times

    1. I agree- what a weird family. I bet his mom has “fallen down the stairs” a few times too.

  5. Surprised, this one was actually a good compilation, unlike the past weeks.

    1. Chop with Chris is a great channel! He made a successful bow also!

  6. omfg 2:28 did he just start to fortnite dance? if i were his father… i would have slapped him instantly

    1. He try doing the orange justice but he just cross his arms

    2. And people think the next generation will be better.

      I sure hope someone plans to cuts everyone’s testicles so idiots dont reproduce.

    3. Take him to third world conditions, make him find his own food and water, no electricity no plumbing….

      Softblood generation.

    4. +Dommy Boi oh should we go back to rampant racism and sexism then?

  7. Hold up?

    New Stuff?
    Less Unnecessary Slo-mos?

    Failarmy you finally made a good video

    1. Those Slo-Mos are made to make the video seem longer… pathetic yeah

    1. DtownCboy We work hard to live a happy life and we’re about to be happier we fail and die

  8. 1:30 Craziest thing ever: black man golfing plus black man swimming.

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