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The 48 Laws Of Power – Motivation Addicts – (1% mindset)

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The 48 Laws Of Power – Motivation Addicts – (1% mindset)

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    1. Steve Helz I agree with you when it comes to the caliber of this book but I’m sure you’re aware that this book established its notoriety amongst convicted felons throughout the US; both male & female alike, even to this very day. It was written just as a poli-sci book that I’m almost positive is part of a „trilogy“ so to speak. I think that the book that’s a sequel to this one is named „Pimpology.“ It’s most definitely an unforgettable, very informative, „helpful“ book/read so to speak, especially when it comes to those who are trying to learn how to be and/or become the best of the best as far as being a professional con artist goes, no matter who the targeted victim(s) may or may not be. I’m sure R. Greene had no idea that this book, in particular, would turn into 1 of the most commonly „prison reads“ known to date.

  1. This video is a narcissist dream. I’m only watching to get an idea what y’all thinking. This videos for people who can’t figure out how to be compassionate. And never will. I feel sorry for narcissists. We all have a bit of narcissism in US. But for some unfortunate of you… It’s all you know. All you know is all you are.

    1. Lol u play innocent but in truth you’re talkin by yourself. We all have a dark side embrace it. You can’t get through life only accepting half of yourself

    2. @Anti.Social …didn’t say i was innocent.. Far from it.
      My dark side is lovely…
      ..i just wish I’d known about this YEARS ago. a protective tool.

    3. @annmarie Yep. People say this book will turn you into a narcissist but that’s only if you use it for malicious intentions. Others use it for a defense mechanism because there’s lots of manipulation that goes around the world and in day to day life

  2. taking credit from your helper? Give credit where credit is due. Beside others see through taking the credits of others. This isn’t protecting your reputation. Its creating a bad one. This is advice on becoming a narcissit. People see through this bs.

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