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Film was made by Devin Graham.

My friend Stephen Anderson wrote the score specifically for this video. And if your not impressed yet, he only had only 24 hours to score the music from the time I gave him the video, until the day I released it!!

You can download the song on iTunes in the link below.

You can also contact him here.

I also had the help from several of my awesome friends to shoot this. Jacob Schwarz and I filmed and lit the video.
Lindsey Stirling and Katie Schwarz carved all the pumpkins for the video. My friend Lindsey who helped also has a rad youtube channel. Make sure to check her stuff out in the link below.

And my friend Jordan Jensen brought a couple fireworks for us to use in the pumpkins, as you saw in the video.

We shot this video entirely on our production companies camera, the Red Epic. You can find out more about our production company that Jake, Katie, and I started in the link right below!

We shot the pumpkins smashing with the Red Epic camera at 300 frames per second. Then in a couple of the shots I put the slow motion clips into Twixtor, a program that adds frames to make it even slow, and I made those shots run at 1000fps, by adding frames in between the other frames.

As far as the lighting goes, we used an Arri kit. We filmed the smashing of the pumpkins right outside my friends apartment. We dropped them off the three story building into the parking lot. To make the space look like it was in the middle of nowhere, we also drapped a black cloth/sheet. And we also covered the ground with water, and the pumpkins so they would shine/glisten in the lights that we had set up.

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  1. Sorry for extra abbreviated question earlier.
    I was eager to know which camera was used to shoot this video?

  2. a Red Epic camera isn’t the camera name then? because that’s what it says in the description.

  3. a better soundtrack would have been Smashing Pumpkins 1979   

  4. Happy Halloween- Pumpkins everywhere, beware of flying pumpkins- pumpkins are falling and breaking in pieces.

  5. this video gave me some pretty cool ideas to say the least, some should be up by next week

    1. maybe he grows them, i do and i normaly get over 120 pumpkins

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