Skateboard Bail: Submission Show (May 2018) | FailArmy

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We have a brand new compilation featuring fails submitted by you, the fans! Enjoy a gnarly skateboarding fail, a terrifying motorcycle fail, and more! Submit your video to


Two Girls Fall off Fully Raised Forklift
Guitarist Trips and Falls Into Drumkit
Baby Laughs After Vomiting
Guy Breaks Champagne Bottle With Saber
French Bulldog Frantically Plays With Large Ball
Guy Backflips off Wall and Lands on Knees
Guy Smashes Brother’s Face Into Birthday Cake
Bride and Groom Stumble Over Rock at the Beach
Girl Tries to Jump Over Pole
Guy Tries to Crack Egg on Friend’s Neck
Skateboarder Crashes Into Little Girl on Scooter
Slabs Fall on Top of Construction Worker
Guy Tries to Drift in Snowcat
Motorcyclist Carelessly Crashes Into Car
Daughter Repeatedly Scares Dad With Airhorn
Firefighter Slips on Ice and Loses Control of Hose
Model Falls on Background During Photoshoot
Guy Faceplants While Dancing at the Club
Girl Falls Down While Biking Across Snowy Bridge
Guy Doing Handstand Falls and Breaks Mirror
Guy on Motorbike Crashes After Flying off Small Ramp
Van Attempting to Pull Car From Ditch Tears off Front Bumper
Guys Tumble off Picnic Table While Attempting to Use Slingshot
Guy Loses Balance on Pipe and Falls in Creek
Guy Tries to Clear Snow on Neighbor’s Roof

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    1. Amanda O’Neill what fucking Dude are you talking too? Your so dumb.

    2. And yet you will watch them again and again and again.  Who’s „THE FAIL?“

    3. Ivon topew don’t say ‘simples’ it dumbs you right down.

  2. You use the same clips over and over but changing your thumb nail like that will fool us all………………..

  3. Come on, man, I’ve seen almost all of these videos on YOUR channel before, unsubbed

    1. +Milla give us all a break. I submitted 4 fail vids to this channel, they’ve not posted any of them up even though they’re as good or better than this shite they keep re-uploading. Don’t fucking tell me there’s not enough fail vids, there’s more than enough – the FAIL HERE is the channel and the people vetting the vids.

    2. Milla

      They have hours upon hours of footage from videos they’ve posted over the years. I shouldn’t see videos I saw last fucking week on this channel when they have so much other footage they can use PLUS new videos that fans constantly send them.

    3. I have seen 3 videos and i cant tell u how many i watched

  4. I’m sure I’ve seen a lot of these clips on this channel already…..

    1. Stop watching every categorie, no more redundances, problem solved.

  5. So many of these were in even just the last video before this one..

  6. Failarmy.. I love your channel a lot! But i would be more happy if you dont use the same clips over and over, and i dont think i am the only one who is slightly annoyed by it. For me it is very boring to watch fails i have already seen on this channel in 2/3 other videos. I am not a hater, i really love this channel. I would like it if its possible to use less of the fails that are already included in other videos in this channel. I dont know if you are gonna be reading this but thanks for reading for if you do.

  7. I think we’d all appreciate it if you uploaded less if it meant more original content. What’s the point in uploading the same stuff over and over? Money from the videos? You’re gonna ruin your channel!!!

    1. Sianagh Gallagher i know as well… It’s just about money until the channel is dead.

      And it will fie in a few month

    2. Sebacrush I used to love this channel. It’s sad really!

  8. Your videos lose their value when most of the clips have already been seen multiple times. I’d rather see a 3 minute video of entirely new stuff than a 6 minute video half full of clips that have been used over and over again.

  9. I’m so confused! I keep checking the date of when you posted this video because I feel like I’ve had déjà vu! And based on the comments everyone is pretty much correct I feel like I’m watching the same video again that you just posted not to long ago!

  10. The title is Skateboarding Bails?! Should rename it to yesterday’s video, gimme more money!

  11. Just STOP with babies barfing !
    Those are not fails, not funny, and incredibly useless videos.

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