Rope a Dope: Rope Swing Fails (September 2018) | FailArmy

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Move over, Tarzan! We have brand new compilation for you! This week’s theme is rope swing fails. Sit back, relax, and be glad you’re not these people!


Toddler Falls Off Rope Swing
Rope Swing Win to Fail
Rope Swing to Backflip Fail
Girl Fails at Rope Swing
Excavator Rope Swing Fail
Rope Swing Vine Fail
Double Rope Swing Crash
“ Redneck Rope Swing Faceplant“
Rope Swing Harness Fail
Rope Swing Takes out Bystander
Rope Swing Snaps Mid-Swing
Forest Rope Swing Leads to Nutshot
Father Gets Stuck on a Rope Swing
Rope Swing Off Bridge Fail
Rope Swing Fail to Tree Hit
Grandma Falls off Rope Swing
Blue Rope Swing Slip into Water
Girl Flung off Rope Swing
Pirate Ship Rope Swing Master
Guy Crashes into Tree on Rope Swing
Duo Make a Splash in Ditch
Rope-Swinger and Her Dog Both Fall into River
Dog Hanging on Rope Falls
Man Falls off Homemade Chair Swing
Guy Accidentally Lands on Kid After Rope Swinging into Lake
„Guy Swings on Rope to Tree Branch “
Two Girls Attempt to Swing on Rope at Same Time
„Guy Wearing Helmet Takes Unexpected Dip “
Students Swing and Hit Butts on Gym Bleachers
„Guy Falls Into Ocean When Rope Snaps from Boat “

50 Kommentare

    1. Luis Jäger check out the 2016 Videos and then you understand why 🙂

    1. Yeah, it’s almost like a really weird optical illusion. It’s like one of those tapestries from the Middle Ages where’s there’s no perspective or horizon line.

  1. 4:53 This dude is nice, I’d of pissed myself if my mother done that LOL

  2. Most of these are from a video you guys made like 5 years ago. You should probably just end this dying channel.

    1. Yes it was I think they hit his mouth or something but before they hit each other it looked like one of them had blood on there leg so

    2. It’s blood for sure, pause it right when they hit each other. Hope they are ok

    1. lol mate i’ve probably got more pubes than you do hair on your head

    2. could just be a stray that was left at your mothers house last night tho… who knows

    3. Steve Wood then was right, lol I do, I just said that to get rid of that other dickhead

  3. как этот дебильный смех заебал..Смотрю всегда без звука

    1. Kak 3TOT Ae6NnbHbiN CmeX 3ae6an..CMOTpHo BCerAa 6e3 3ByKa indeed my friend!

  4. Biggest mistake is underestimating the required upper body strength required for holding on and swinging. Also, don’t begin with arms bent. Instead begin with arms straight and grab high. Also, if your obese just forget about it.

  5. People: FailArmy is a dying channel…
    FailArmy: Well, fine! We will quit our channel.
    People: NO!! I can’t live without the fails! Please, don’t do this!!
    FailArmy: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    1. That is the stupidest made up conversation i’ve seen this week.

  6. Pause at 2:51 if you look long enough you will see the water is actually a really blurry view of mountains in the distance and he is going off a ledge.

    I thought that for a second I’m embarrassed to admit.

  7. I can’t stand people who can’t even hold their own weight.

    1. Actually now that i’m thinking about the island , they (creation) put Me there before i was even born , and when i was born they constantly everybody around me was always telling me with all they had that i’m worthless , always belittling , every friend , everyone i knew , and after this happened by the male people , than the female people gave me some look or smile , i think it was meant to be pity , that’s why i refused , they treated Me as if i’m the worst person that ever lived , and than i showed everybody the most worthy of this whole earth , and they still belittled Me , they’re still acting as if it was worthless what i did and said or told , the worst part is attacking me since ever , and now trying to imply ‚i’m not who i am‘

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