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Happy Friday! We have some fresh fails for your face. This week we have a bike race that immediately went wrong, a guy getting pranked by his best friends, and more! Submit your videos to!


Girl Slips on Table During Dance Rehearsal
Heavy Barbell Jumps out of Rack and Falls on Gym Floor
Toddler Dressed as Donut Box Faces Double Fail While Trick or Treating
Inattentive Man Falls into Pool While Walking
Windsurfer Tumbles into Water from Dock
Dad Hides in Bathroom to Scare Son
Guy Gets Pranked While Playing Spoon Game
Guy Fails to Hop Inside Car After Pushing it on Road
Guy Loses Control of Bike While Attempting Wheelie
Toy Car Overturns While Racing Downhill
Faulty Starting Gate Sends Bicyclists Toppling Over Handlebars
Skateboarder Fails at Sliding Down Rail
Cyclist Skids Right Before Finish Line
Unsuspicious Wife Gets Egg Smashed by Husband
Guy on Segway Crashes into Lamp Post
Man Slips and Falls into Water While Trying to Jump off Boat
Guy Gets Carried Away by water While Trying to Cross River
Woman Faces Hilarious Fall While Hoverboarding
Construction Worker Fails to Catch Hard Hat on Head
Woman Flails Between Two Slacklines and Flops into Water
Horse Hitcfhes Ride on Cargo Bed of Moving Car
Mom Accidentally Sends Balloon with Toddler’s Pacifiers into Tree
Dad Trips and Falls While Running in Giant Hamster Wheel
Boogie Boarder Faceplants into Beach
Guy Falls in Lake While Attempting to Climb into Boat
First Time Dirt Biker Immediately Flips Bike
Guy Faceplants off Electric Scooter
Motorcyclist Launches over Handlebars After Failed Wheelie
Woman Flies off Back of Jet Ski While Posing for Photos
Skateboarder Smashes Headfirst into Wall

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  1. The only fail in the 3:21 clip is that jackass that standing there holding a camera when someone is getting wash down a river.

    1. All the guy had to do was quit fighting the current and let it carry him to calmer waters.

    2. +Ninja1inblack he can help if he stops recording AND PULL THE GUY BACK UP

    3. he ‚failed‘ to get to the other side, he ‚failed‘ to not touch the water, he ‚failed‘ to not fall in the water and he ‚failed‘ to get out of the water. that’s 4 fails on his part.

  2. Not really very funny watching your mate get swept away in fast flowing water.

    1. paul paul  A mate can mean companion / friend though. ;-;

    2. taggy22 – yep, it was pretty much an overflowing kiddies wading pool. And who cares anyway, it was some dweeb schoolkid wearing a tie and showing off for a contribution to failarmy.

    3. That was a Mormon, and Mormons are tougher than people think. They can talk to trees, befriend bears, and shape-shift at high levels.

  3. 1:28 kids….don’t marry a woman that’s taken that many balls to the face….

    1. +Mr Motivator It was a poor attempt at a joke. Specifically, there was a Muslim call to prayer going on in the background.

    2. Was hoping for one of them to get stuck btwn her bewbs. I really need to get off the net.

    3. eggs arent balls though.they can’t bounce, they aren’t sphere shaped. side note: I was hoping the fail would be the egg fell in between her boobies.

    1. +PastUchiha 98 io vengo dal veneto, evidentemente proveniamo da due realtà diverse: qui se non bestemmi ogni due parole che dici sembri un terrone.

    2. PastUchiha 98 ed ecco l’immancabile moralista del cazzo… si stava scherzando

  4. Do you see how that last guy cushioned the blow with his face? …… can’t teach that!

    1. Preservation 101. When you know that a brutal blow is coming, lead with your face to soften the impact for your hands. Gotta protect those hands.

  5. 5:20 don’t ever let balloons go up, they often get into the sea and animals eat them and die.

    1. Why can’t we focus on more than one thing at a time? Why release balloons when you don’t have to? Plus Helium is useful for other worthwhile pursuits rather than wasting it in balloons.

    2. Ok boris johnson, go spend your days looking for that fucking balloon hero. Maybe wear a ribbon while you’re at it so everyone knows you’re a hero.

    3. Released balloons one of many kinds of unneeded trash. It all adds up and it usually lands in wilderness areas. Some of the National Parks are mapping found balloons just to prove how common it happens. You think you’re only releasing one balloon and it’s no big deal, but thousands (maybe millions?) Of people do it. So yes, it’s a lot because it adds up. Step back and see the bigger picture.

  6. i love how that last skateboard guy made sure to protect his hands by taking it with his face. just a pro skateboarder move

  7. Releasing balloons is no different to throwing an empty bottle out of your window while driving along.

    1. +taggy22 its 1.6million sq kilometers, which if you’re an ignorant American that is one if 3 countries left to use imperial is 1 milli ol n square miles. 2x bigger than Texas. 3x the size of France. Hyperbole is sometimes needed. But sure, keep your head buried in the sand.

    2. +AudioPhile yep, so you meant to say COUNTRY, not CONTINENT. For fucks sake, dealing with morons

    3. baloons probably worse because of the thread and the baloons are eaten by animals easier.

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