Pole Position: Fails of the Week (September 2018) | FailArmy

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Happy Friday! It’s time for the best fails of the week! This time we have a pole dancer losing the deposit to her apartment, a mountain bike faceplant, and more! Submit your videos to!


Guy’s Attempt to Slide Down Cliff Goes Wrong
Paper Flies out of Man’s Hand and Comes Back Perfectly
Guy Falls as Rope Swing Snaps Under his Weight
Guy Breaks Car’s Windshield Trying to fit Under Crop Duster
Kid Falls While Trying to Cross Lake on Bike
Guy Falls Into Stream After Friend Throws Branch at Him
Guy Crashes Into Table After Slip and Slide Ride
Gender Reveal Balloon Accidentally Flies off Into Air
Guy’s First Attempt at Riding ATV Goes Wrong
Woman Falls Trying to Catch Bouquet Thrown by Bride
Car Drifting in Parking lot Gets Interrupted by Cop’s Arrival
Car Door Smashes Girl in Face
Snowboarder Fails at Jump Trick Down Slope
Woman Breaks Chandelier While Pole Dancing
Kid Ends up Spraying Himself While Washing Toy Car
Guy Slips While Attempting Backflip off Boat
Guy Falls While Balancing on Parallel Bars with Steel Rings
Woman Faceplants After Failing Log Drop-Off on Mountain Bike
Horse Easily Escapes Through Fence
Kid Jumps on Bench and Gets Face Smashed by Loose Board
Adult Hits Himself While Using Kid’s Inflatable Slide
Kid Faceplants While Tube Sledding in Snow
ATV Topples Over in Puddle and Soaks Rider
Ice Skater Faces Nasty Fall on Rink
Cat Chases Wrapper Stuck on Their Tail
Guy Rescues Lizard from Pool Only to Be Snatched by Bird
Puppy Pulls Dog by Their Tail
Stick Breaks Into two While Pole Vaulting
Bouquet toss goes wrong
Woman Accidentally Switches off Light While Dancing

45 Kommentare

  1. 2:01 That is a WIN right there. That’s just impressive

    1. Another Bland Youtuber It’s a win to make a useless fence that doesn’t do its job?

  2. Thank you, but whats with all the slow-mo? Please stop. Its better at normal speed. The slo-mo ruins it 🙁

    1. Unless it’s a pole dancing clip, then slo mo gives us more chance to keep an eye out for camel toe

    2. grghndy ikr youtube literally has a slow motion feature if u want to use it there’s no point for them to play it slow motion

  3. 0:44 this kind of editing kills the joy of action clips. Play it full speed and then maybe slow mo after. Slow mo on the first playing kind of sucks the fun out.

    1. @Rachael for the clips where the slow-mo is just the original clip played at a reduced framerate, of course. However, if the video was originally filmed in slow motion, the actual slow-mo part would have a better quality than just reducing YouTube’s playback speed.

      There’s also the fact that some people might be inclined towards slow-mo and would be annoyed at having to manually adjust it. We _are_ watching this for enjoyment, after all, and having to manually switch between normal speed (for the boring parts) and reduced speed (for the action parts) might reduce such people’s enjoyment.

    2. Agreed. They’ve sadly become like every other fail channel. I have been a subscriber for years… I am unsubscribing.

  4. Slowing the footage down doesn’t make it any funnier

  5. FailArmy – you might want to consider teaming up with Gavin and Dan, aka, the Slow-Mo Guys. 😉

  6. 1:46 the lady’s reaction of pure disappointment, fucking lmao

    1. Having that fat blob of a human failure for either a child or grandchild would dissapoint me too

  7. you know how timing is important in comedy? slow-mo doesn’t improve

  8. 4:46 That guy was a jerk. Seriously, throwing a large stick or branch twice? Really?!

    1. Damo Hyland this. They were Aussies? hmmm missed that since I was lmao

    1. +Liam93 mate please, this is a cheap version of what FailArmy used to be

  9. One single fail in this clip starts at 0:00 and ends at 6:21 .. It’s called failarmy is failing.. This channel has really gone to the shitter..

    1. I don’t know any ‚good‘ ones but I think JukinVideo? ( maybe not the intro music.. )

    2. for me, the fail is repeating the same clips over and over in different ‚compilations‘, unnecessary slow-mo shots, using fails from other channels, not using uploader videos (for whatever reason, I’ve uploaded a few and none have been shown), un-funny fails… should I go on? This time last year it was doing ok, now it’s really slid downhill

  10. At 4:53 Marco needs to find a new friend, that one is a jerk, thinks he’s funny, he could have seriously hurt him….Marco, chuck something back at him please.

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