Paraglider Problems: Fails of the Week (July 2018)

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Happy Friday! We have a brand new batch of fails for you face! We have careless drivers, a confused baby, and more! Submit you videos to!


Girl Kicks Sister in Face During Martial Arts Stunt
Woman Fails to Seductively Exit Pool
Firework Tent Catches Fire During Fourth of July
Firefighters Assist Woman with Head Stuck in Exhaust Pipe
Confused Baby Looks for Reflection Behind Mirror
Guy Falls Between Boats Trying to Take a Shot of Liquor
Driverless Car Rolls and Hits the Curb
Pole Vaulter Slips and Falls Before Jump
Magician Confuses Dog with What the Fluff Challenge
Car Goes Up in Flames in the Middle of the Road
Careless Driver Crashes into Garage
Paraglider Immediately Crashes into Tree
Guy Breaks Brand New Diving Board
Guy Tries to Jump on Top of Boat
Guy Drinking on Hoverboard Falls Hard on Back
Yoyo Hits Guy’s Head
Girl Faceplants While Dancing
Girl Falls Off Bar During Sack Race
Person Falls Over After Scooter Trick
#FailArmy #FailsoftheWeek

58 Kommentare

    1. hahaha all the dumbasses who think it’s „edited“.. smh.. obvs a mirror.

    2. here’s what i thought.

      looking at the surroundings (not the bench or his missing feet. ignore that obvious clue) i figured it was a super steep hill behind him and he just dropped down like marty mcfly.

      after further inspection, watch the bench as he raises the cloth. his legs do not continue to the floor because there is a mirror stopping us from seeing them.

  1. the editing is getting lazier and lazier every video you upload

    1. Constantijn aww,you defending your boyfriend? Difference is I wouldn’t winge and complain in a different language lmao

    2. ADCGD 91802 Nope,i really didn’t grammar police lol

    3. Ute Pammler I need to ask you something who taught you grammar

  2. How is someone being cut out of a car after an accident a „Fail“?

    1. From what I can tell the person got their head stuck in the exhaust pipe.

    2. Well if they got their head stuck in an exhaust well then, I don’t really know what to say to that… lol

    3. If you’re talking about the clip I think you are. A drunk girl sticks her head into an exhaust pipe because she thought her head could fit. She gets stuck and they have to cut her out. Truck owner wasn’t mad and didn’t press charges but the cops charged her for underage drinking.

    1. Think you’re right. Looks cheap and nasty nowadays, with lazy editing.

    2. Have to agree I have subbed mabye since later 2015 mabye even early 2015 and they have gotten more lazy

  3. intro music and in the end is too loud, aggressive and disturbing

    1. How the hack is the intro disturbing or aggressive? wtf is wrong with you?

    2. tiesiog taip Disturbing? You don’t get out much, do you?

    1. Naw, those guys not timing their walk away from an explosion is an F.

  4. Scooter deserved it for being a grown man riding a child’s toy

  5. Meh. I don’t know what’s going on with your edits, but they need work. What was the point of the Jaws of Life clip? No clue what happened and it cut too early to see a resolution.

    1. exactly…jaws of life was unfinished video from last week…

    2. ZanarkandRose I honestly didn’t think of just looking it up, haha. Thanks!

  6. How to film like a woman…
    1. Be sure to film in portrait mode. It’s full screen on your phone, that means it will be full screen when played back…right?
    2. When something happens, quickly jerk the camera and point it at your feet, everyone loves your feet.
    3. Be generally terrible at everything!

    1. psygn0sis 1.5 Randomly turn your phone and film in landscape mode.
      1.6 turn it back

  7. 4:11 yeah it’s funny how the guy fell, but did anyone notice that hardwood floor? it looks so nice.

  8. good thing she has those airbags.. 3:09 …they saved her life

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