Ouchie: Dang That Hurt! (May 2018) | FailArmy

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They are going to feel that in the morning! We have a new compilation featuring particularly painful fails! This compilation has it all: ski fails, segway fails, and more! Submit your video to


Dog Runs into Glass Door
BMX Jump to Faceplant
Father Bumps Son With Door Playing Peekaboo
Parkour Side Flip Hits Face on Knee
BMX Pallet Slam
Guy Falls During Cyr Wheel Training
Guy Tries to Walk on a Slackline for the First Time
Guy Falls down Waterfall
Boy Hits Head on Edge of Trampoline
Tree Takes Out Tree Cutter
Monkeys Pull Woman’s Hair
Girl on Swegway Takes Down Table
Soccer Player Takes Ball to Face
Man Tries to Fit through Tiny Resistance Band
Woman Teases Tarpon Fish with Bait and Gets Bitten
Ski Rail Slide to Stair Crash Fail
Frontflip off White Fence Fail
Painful Urban Ski Jump off Stone Ledge Fail
Snowmobile Flips Over on Fallen Rider
Guy Fails to Punch through Second Board
Clothing Hanger over Head Fail
Exercise Band Nutshot
Office Game of Nutball Ends in Pain

74 Kommentare

  1. 1:11, why is that guy riding his bike and not pick axing the wood there???

    1. David Stevenson Dude I’ll 360 no scope you with the hunting rifle suck my azz

  2. I remember when FailArmy actually showed NEW VIDEOS. Now all they do is show reruns repackaged. I guess as they got rich, they got lazy. Nice way of screwing the loyal customers that made you rich.

    1. „corruption“ lmaaoo and yes it’s pretty ez to not reuse videos, but sheep still watch it, so it’s okay

  3. 1:40 Mich freut es irgendwie voll in solchen videos deutsche zu sehen xD

    1. Aufgrund dieser gut durchdachten und keineswegs pauschlisierenden Aussage nehme ich an das du demnach Afdpolitiker bist?

    2. „In Deutschland sind halt nur die Politiker und AfDler dumm.“
      Dann solltest Du mal rausgehen und Dir anschauen was so auf der Straße rumläuft.

      Zudem sind in Deiner Pauschalisierung „Politiker“ bereits mit inbegriffen, es ist also absolut unnötig diese zusätzlich zu nennen.

      Mal ganz davon zu schweigen, dass Deine Pauschalisierung selber absoluter Müll ist.

    3. What I see in this comment : jdvdhy duhdhsuuyv orbwiiwb jsusuhwv nein

    1. Trigon Playz Always the 12 year olds with gaming channels making the dumbest fucking comments.

    1. dragon master that’s how you know he’s got older brothers

  4. AFCA - World Bodybuilding Archive sagt:

    1:38 as soon as i saw that *rubber band* I knew something was about to go bad 🙂

    1. You’re watching FailArmy, of course something is going to happen, wtf

    2. What even happened? It didn’t snap on him or anything. Was soft

  5. AFCA - World Bodybuilding Archive sagt:

    Some of these videos look like they were filmed in 2007 😀

  6. AFCA - World Bodybuilding Archive sagt:

    3:52 He’s going to become a great soccer player. Start crying before you even realize that it hurts 😀

    1. well its not like they are pussies, its just that the football metagame is relying a lot on the acting skills of whoever gets grazed by someone else. On the positive side at least they wear longer shorts today!

    2. Brick Top  of course he fakes. there is a camera don’t you get it???

  7. That last one is an A-Hole knowing that the poor dog is going to slam into the glass door….really hope someone does that to you! Please take that sweet dog away from that imbecile.

    1. As I said to another person who said this the dog didn’t get that hurt don’t take it as a wimp

    2. Shut up Please, Worry about real Abuse, Dogs are tough a door won’t hurt them The dog didn’t Even hit it hard. The dog Looks like it’s in a loving home, Focus on the dogs that are starving and being beaten.

  8. 2:00 I don’t know what’s worse, the impact from the tree or the fall after. Brutal double fail and yet another reason there are professional arborists.

    1. I guess the impact from the tree. That should dazed him so that he didn’t felt/realized much from the fall.

    2. +Gene Burnett
      A very dangerous occupation, even for those skilled at it.

  9. People who film their pets purposely hurting them are real goofs. They shouldn’t be allowed near a plant, let alone an animal.

    1. Lmao people care more about what happens animals then to people

    2. ibuy4unow then they can’t be around them selfs because people are animals.

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