Off The Heezy: Fails of the Week (August 2018)

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It’s time for more brand new fails! This week we have a man with questionable basketball skills, a mishap with a rope swing, and more! Be sure to submit your videos to


Guy Smashes Basketball in Face while Attempting Trickshot
Guy Breaks off Bumper While Unloading Car
Man Faceplants Trying to Jump a Creek on a Bike
Toddler Accidentally Falls Through Hole in Plastic Chair
Kid Fails Dive into Inflatable Pool and Bellyflops on Grass
Dad Pulls an Ice Cream Cone Unicorn Prank on Daughter
Man Becomes the Victim of a Three-Legged Chair Prank
Man Fails at Rope Swinging into Lake
Woman Breaks Window After Dropping the Weight she was Holding
Almost Perfect Beer Pong Shots Until the Last
Wife Pulls a Bottle Prank on Unsuspecting Husband
Firetruck Tips Over During Training Exercise
Guy Regrets Rope Swinging in Cold Lake Water
Kid Uses Bike Wheel to Spray Brother with Muddy Puddle
Guy Freaks Out During Slingshot Ride at Amusement Park
Girl Repeatedly Pranks Dad with Water Gun
Sister Freaks Out During Scare Slingshot Ride
Guy Flies into Lake While Attempting to Waterski
Little Boy Comforts Friend on Scary Slingshot Ride
Guy Accidentally Knocks Water Slide off Houseboat
Guy Slips While Attempting Spinning Roundhouse Kick
Double Faceplant While Running Down a Sand Dune
Guys Drop Women While Participating in Wife-Carrying Race
Toddler Knocked Over by Giant Bouncy Ball
Girl Falls Down While Dancing on Table in Waiting Room
#FailArmy #FailsoftheWeek

60 Kommentare

    1. Sorry to hear your week sucked. Hope next week is better for you. Hang in there!

    2. Sorry you had a bad week. Hope it was atleast better then most The people in this video. BTW try drugs. I recommwnd psychedelics to chsnge your mindset. Its probably how you look at the world. Not how your experience actual was.

    3. PantsB4Squares i was talking about this weeks clips sucked I personally had a good week

    1. On first look it looks like a boat that flipped in Japan few years back when there was a huge earth quake.

  1. FFS normalize the audio on your god damned videos please, i ripped my eardrums while not even using headphones.

    1. Just keep commenting this until they give up on this new intro outro. If they don’t. Spam the hell out of the comments section so there is only this type of comments on all future videos.
      That outa make them sad and lose interest in their youtube channel. Heck they might even abandon it or delete it all together..

    2. What you do with cotton swabs on your private time is none of our business.

    3. Cesar The Salad cotton swabs? You’re in the wrong conversation?

  2. Can we collectively decide that we’ve now seen all the screaming and fainting slingshot movies? My poor eardrums.

    1. They’re not even fails either, making a person scream is the prime purpose of those rides, it’d be more of a fail if the person sat there in silence as the ride went on…

    2. There is not fail on amusment park rides. Unless something like a person dropping their phone that they werent suppose to take out. Or a puke

  3. 5:32 he screamed eskettit lol and if you’ve seen the full video, you’d see what these „rappers“ of today are doing to our youth lmaooo

  4. fml learn how to balance out the sound from clip to clip, some are stupidly quiet and others are borderline earrape

    1. Karom they died around 2015. Now they’re a cash grab lol
      Also they recycle clips like we didn’t notice 😉
      Some none the less are still entertaining when they’re fresh

    2. Yes! Normalize the audio. Or go bananas and normalize each clip before making the compilation. Wild decibel swings.

    3. I like fail compilations because they are funny but these guys need to fix the audio. It’s ether way too quit or it’s loud enough you have to turn off your sound

    1. ZanarkandRose A joke would be fine. Half a video of the same idiocy is just annoying.

    2. Keith Drummond annoying for you but hilarious to the one doing it. It’s a joke.

  5. Render video. Open rendered video in premiere again, edit audio with audition, then match loudness to -16 lufs. Boom, no more people complaining about every video being a different volume. SUPER EASY, and it’s not even the easiest way to do it.

    1. They don’t fucking care anymore, they’re just trying to make a quick buck with shitty card-games now. -_-

    14 million subs and you don’t know how to adjust audio levels?

    1. That’s awesome…lol! It’s like they think it makes it more dramatic and that everyone is watching on an 80″ flat screen with Dolby Digital Surround Sound and seeking an immersive experience. When in reality most of us are on phones or tablets and the speakers are delicate…aside from being super irritating to yourself and those around you.

    1. Fucking scary that there are people subscribed to FailArmy just so they can make those stupid comments on ever video they upload!

    2. cuz they post anything thats close to a fail. someone sneezing is now a fail in their eyes. i only use best of the best for any video

  7. I remember when FailArmy had videos of decent length and good quality of fails
    what happened?

  8. Videos are getting shorter, and Fail Army is getting dumber. Not what this channel used to be.

  9. 1:59 When we first saw this clip, we were all like…. NO WAY! NO WAY! Ohhhhhhhhh there’s the fail lol

    1. yea it’s better to unsub your internet connection if that’s all that u care for lol

  10. People screaming on a slingshot ride really isn’t a fail, as it is supposed to be scary.

  11. Thumbs down for the guy with the water gun. Not funny, disrespectful and boring long.

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