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The song in this video is from my friends band, "Love You Long Time"! The song is called Song of Death. You can download it in the link right below!! Check them out, they are AWESOME!
Film was made by Devin Graham.
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Just to give you a couple statistics on the making of this video:

We used 504 rolls of toilet paper!
It took 1 hour to make the mess.
8 hours to clean up the mess 🙁 That's with 5 of us total.
We had two cop cars come and try and stop us, one while filming, and the other while we were trying to clean up (They thought we were tp'ing the house in broad daylight… yeah….)

Besides all my awesome friends that were in the video, here is the other people who helped make this happen!
Jon Price
Michael Boren
Grant McCarty
Nate Smith (and his 2 brothers)

And a super thanks to the people who donated their house for the shooting of the video!!

My friend Jacob Schwarz color corrected this video! So make sure to check out his youtube channel he started a couple weeks back!

We shot the video entirely on our production company's camera, the Red Epic. You can find out more about our production company that Jake, Katie, and I started in the link right below!

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29 Kommentare

    1. Wait. The people were fake or the toilet paper? Or was it the houses in the background. Was this ALL a blue screen!? You’re crazy little girl.

  1. Чёкнутые! Им и в голову не приходит-сколько загублено деревьев на их развлекуху!

  2. Was anyone else hoping the owner of the house was going to come out with a shotgun and start blasting?

  3. If you want a good excuse if someone asks you why you bought so much toilet paper, just say you’re having Indian food.

  4. I BADLY want to do this… i just don’t know who to do it to.

  5. What a waist some poor person is pooping right now and has just realised there is no toilet paper! 🙁

  6. My concern is if it rains afterword that would suuuck lol! 🙂

    1. A) Deaf Homeowner
      B) They weren’t home
      C) Abandoned House
      D) Fake Video.

    2. +JoJo Minecraftgirl Trick question, the answer is E) all of the above

    3. F) 
      The toilet-paper’d home was donated to them for this video by a friend, but they cleaned it.

  7. This is so rude, like, so many people need to wipe their bums, and you do this

  8. If you are still toilet papering after 18 you have failed in life. 

    1. +Joseph Sonners After 18 it’s just kinda pointless because you’re really just fucking up some random persons yard and it’s not for school or anything.

  9. And in Venezuela they are killing each other only for a single roll of paper

  10. It’s 30/11/2015 and they are still cleaning up the house and the tree.

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