Living on the Edge: Send It! (November 2018) | FailArmy

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    1. @Enzo Failarmy is doing this thing where they sneak a few wins in the video. I’m personally ok with it. I simply wish they would announce it in the corner of the screen or something.

    1. They use them to stretch the video, video length plays a role in compensation.

    2. THIS IS SPARTA wow you are seriously that kind of guy or girl. Wow

  1. What’s with the rewind edits? We can rewind the video ourselves if we want. Stop making videos longer by replaying the unfunniest fails 6 times.

    1. Oh hold it when they extend it to 10 minutes long video don’t blow your load already….

    2. feliixx really don’t know what so many people hate on this channel, you could just skip forward if you don’t like it, and even if they did stretch the video a little longer, it still hasn’t reached the 10 minute mark, so I really don’t know why you guys are getting all butthurt about it.

    3. At least they don’t stretch for 10 minutes and toss in 100 ads

    1. +AA T – I think there is a barrier or lip, that the boat hits and stops it from going over.

  2. That last one lol. Amid all the crazy people jumping off cliffs, there is the sensible guy who wants no part of it. The hero for the rest of us. +1 for Hellno Man!

    1. +Владимир Круглов thank you friend … subscribe to my channel, I will file a new video for you every day for you

    1. it may not be a fail, but sure is a close call…but duuuuuuude I’ve flinched so hard watching it

  3. when the dog landed in the water at 1:15, a notification went off at it made the *plop* as it splashed. Talk about perfect timing.

    1. another white male why don’t you belive him? You jelous or what.

    2. +Lukas Nevermann Because I don’t believe everything I see on Youtube that some random says. You should take notes.

    1. Yeah, it literally fell off the edge… Anyone? Anyone..? I’ll just show myself out…

  4. I’m not afraid of heights!! I’m just afraid of falling!!

    1. Okami_No _Heishi – I’m afraid of the sudden stop at the bottom!

  5. I don’t appreciate the fact that you left the last minute of your video for some buddy who was too scared to do whatever he was meant to do. And I also don’t appreciate your constant rewinds of the same clip. You need to come up with some new stuff, otherwise get bent! #You used to be the s***

    1. I don’t appreciate your comment, if you don’t like go away and don’t watch

  6. #S!G * [̲̅α̲̅я̲̅т̲̅ร̲̅] sagt:

    2:20 é o Bluezao lol kkkkkkkkkkkkk


  7. Half Man / Half Amazing ALL PHENOMENAL sagt:

    I can relate with the last dude. VERTIGO!!!

  8. 4:03
    **Drone Crashes**
    Drone : NNNNNOOOOOOOO!!!!

    That’s the first time I laughed at a drone fail.

  9. Minute 3:46 … NOVEMBER 2018 !? You were the best Fail channel ..

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