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Happy Friday! It’s time for Fails of the Week! This week we have a kayak fail, kids playing baseball in the house, and more! Enjoy watching our videos? Now’s your chance to play along, pick up your copy of Caption This!


Guy Flips Kayak and Falls into River
Woman Falls off Dresser While Attempting to Fix Window Shades
Two Guys Knock Popcorn Everywhere While Dancing
Guy Breaks Flowerpot While Performing Yoga
Guy Bellyflops into Sand While Attempting Frontflip off Log
Man Thrown off Swing While Trying to Lift up Kid
Weights Slide off Pole While Woman Tries Barbell Squatting
Kids Playing Baseball inside house Goes Wrong
Kid Falls Trying to Kick Soccer Ball
Little Girl Falls off Chair While Playing Piano
Tree Branch Hits Man After He Tries Running into it
Girl Faceplants After Tripping Over Ramp on Bike
Kid Faceplants Diving Board While Backflipping into Pool
Little Boy Eats Breakfast on Floor With Dog
Tire Flies off Car During Burnout
Delivery Truck Drags Mattress Down Highway
Emu Freaks Out Over Rabbit
Guy Tries to Save Phone Before Falling into Pool
Man Tries to do Front Wheelie on Lawnmower
Girl Fails to Backflip Even with Help of Spotters
Cat Tries to Jump Onto Roof and Fails
Golf Trick Shot Goes Wrong
Brother Pranks Groom by Replacing Bride During Garter Removal
Trunk Opens and Dumps Contents on Track During Drag Race
Guy Fails to Show Off Knife Throwing Skills
Girl Faceplants While Dancing
Girl Falls Off Bar During Sack Race
Person Falls Over After Scooter Trick
Girl Freaks Out During Virtual Reality Ride
Yoyo Hits Boys Elbow
Guy Spins Two Friends at the Park
Guy’s Nuts Get Stuck on Broken Tree

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    1. Same man, at the moment I’m about to lose almost everything, moving to a state I don’t want to live in to a room that’s basically a closet. But it’s my own fault.

    2. +Slack O’Lantern, really sorry. I hope one day you can go and live wherever you want and do whatever you want.

  1. The biggest fail for most of them is that they’re filmed vertically

    1. How to film like a woman…
      1. Be sure to film in portrait mode. It’s full screen on your phone, that means it will be full screen for everyone…right?
      2. When something happens, quickly jerk the camera and point it at your feet, everyone loves your feet.
      3. Be generally terrible at everything!

    2. Fucking oath, I’m sick of it… Almost clicked away from the video.

    1. snowflake soyboy libtard cucks. amirite? hillary for prison. so sad!

    1. Who said anything about editing?? Sam…go to B&H and enjoy your day.

    2. Then why are you complaining about blurred left and right panels when your real complaint is with too many people filming in portrait?

    3. my real complaint is seeing a notification and it’s your mornic comment….adios

  2. First clip…

    That’s why you play outside.

    That’s why you don’t play inside.

    That’s why you don’t play baseball is the house.

    1. Most importantly, Trump is your president and will be for the next six years or so.

    2. +MasterRambo no its laughing at a joke so its not being offended

    1. Zach R well that’s what failarmy answered on almost the exact same question ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    2. Look in the background there 2 yellow kayaks in the background I think that’s what they were referring to

    3. its a step up from when they used to call their videos – fails you mist

  3. yo , every week , you are adding more and more from the last week , this week there are 3 fails that have come before ….. rather make it shorter

    1. Agreed. And their fails are getting worse and weaker. A guy knocking over popcorn is not a fail…it’s mildly humorous. You guys have new editors/gatherers or something?

    2. Yeah, I only watch „Fails of the week“ videos because the rest of them are rehashes anyway. I always thumbs-down these when there’s a clip I’ve seen before, I can’t remember when I pressed thumbs-up the last time. Maybe it’s time to unsub…

    3. I hate how much filler there is in these videos. Also, at 4:48, I swear I saw that video months ago.

    1. He jumped as gracefully as the cat in the earlier fail

    1. I still dont get why people watch these if they have such an issue lol

    2. +Boobongo well personally I’m interested in kayaking and only clicked on this video because I was expecting multiple kayak videos but instead there isn’t even a single kayak in it, there’s one canoe, and I wouldn’t exactly say that was even chaotic

    1. Wild Borego  100% it’s happening. My first act will be to make Norwegian black metal a mandatory part of the school curriculum. Plus obviously every year on impeachment anniversary giant bonfires across the US will burn wicker replicas of Trump. The orange flames will be a good likeness.

    2. rcg adventure Trump is a clown with his panties in a wad. He did however prove that anyone can be president. Now we have celebrities stating they want to run. We’re about to enter a whole new era of the US.

    3. Nah, he should get far more than 20 for the treason he’s already committed.

  4. 4:46 This girl is for the 1000000000 time in your weeklys. Delete this vid from your servers please.

    1. warefairsoda are you talking to me? if you are (and if youre not i sincerely apologize) then youre one dumb mother fucker…..

    2. Krisopher Tower No I wasn’t taking to you, but yes, I am a dumb mother fucker…

    1. I should have the good sense not to reply to this idiocy, but oh well.

      Paying a person to sign a non-disclosure agreement is not real great morally, but is not even kinda a crime. Violating an NDA and keeping the money is though, and that’s what Daniels has done.

      Monica Lewinsky never signed a NDA, so the comparison isn’t relevant. Clinton was impeached for lying under oath, not for cheating on his wife. While Trump lies constantly and badly (as do all politicians) he has not lied under oath.

      So in summary, „Mr. Motivator“ is vulgar and dumb as a box of rocks, pejoge is just incorrect, Jason is awesome, theeverlastingspiral is the only one here who can read, Glenn Allen is an armchair lawyer with a single digit IQ, Kailem K has his heart in the right place but is living in a fantasy world, and finally Luna Dash… Luna Dash is so god-awful dumb that the entire concept of mathematics is insulted and diminished by her abuse of the equals sign by degrees of magnitude matched only by the damage done to logic and grammar in that comment.

      I have heard of entrapment, Luna. It’s a Sean Connery movie, and he has a better grasp on the US legal system than you do.

  5. The „Trump Sucks“ homos lost their popcorn.
    Hope and Change.

    1. Heroes ofHogan  You’re very triggered. May I take a dump in your mouth to calm you down?

    2. lol i knew id find butthurt trumpanzees in the comments lol its just a t shirt snowflakes

    3. Ooooo „homos“! LOL Might wanna update your insults there, champ. You’re showing your age.

    4. Always funny to see twats with inadequacy issues, HoH and Inept!

    1. LOL! The delusion of you low IQ freaks. Your god-king will be in jail by then.

    2. DebtSlave  You were nose deep in a gaping hairy anus while you wrote that.

    3. oh do tell, you lefties have been hyperventilating for 2 years and still nothing. trump derangement syndrome is a real thing

  6. FailArmy need to stop including people’s videos of their kids doing normal kid stuff i.e. not real fails. It’s cute for the parents, it’s not cute for us.

    1. To people that saying that its their channel and can do what ever dey want, what is a channel without viewers?? You stupid mofos

  7. Why did you even include the video of the 2 cucks with the Trump sucks t shirts? Their whole life is a failure

    1. DarianFisher see my comment

      Their parents failed by not having an abortion

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