How’d You Get Upside Down?: Best Fails of the Week (August 2018) | FailArmy

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It’s time for another Fails of the Week, but first, submit a video to us !

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    1. Schnell Straße, you’re very dark.
      What a stupid thing to say…. „too bad nobody died“… You’re an idiot. If you want someone to die then kill yourself

    2. dumb? that was genius. the dumb ones were the cart builders who failed on their designs. that one dude nailed it, front-flip and just kept on rollin‘-rollin‘-rollin‘.

    3. I couldn’t stop laughing at the wipeouts it’s just to hilarious lol

  1. The human slingshot freakout clips never cease to amuse me.

    1. Really? Their predictability makes them tedious in my view. They seem to be this year’s running at each other with exercise ball clips.

    2. exactly..“let me out let me out bruh i give you 100 bucks“…

  2. nothing better than a serious brain injury to start the episode!

    1. Arakox „Dad are you ok?“ Lol… Try asking him again when he wakes up…

    2. Brain injury !! we are having every injury at our channel 😉

    3. Arakox I wonder why BMX riders usually don’t wear helmets. I’m a mtb dirt biker and in our sport it is absolutely normal wo wear protection

    1. My husband said back in the day he and a friend put on welding helmets and shoot them at each other. Dumb enough, but at least they had the safety gear lol

    2. Gwendolyn Cato Gotcha is more safe and is funnier shot paint balls rather than Fire Balls

    3. Its all fun and games till one of your daughters loses an eyeball

  3. 5:10 to 5:45 WTF was that? Is this what Fail Army has failed to?

    1. And this video was there last week, but shorter…

    2. Failarmy has definitely gone down the pan of late.

    3. I’m fairly new here but keep seeing the same videos again and again. 14M subs? Must have been from early on.

  4. WTF are they trying to kill the people with that insane ramp?

    1. teamacecaptain This video coupled with your comment is by far the funniest thing I have seen on YouTube this year. Tears. A thanks and I like for you kind sir.

    2. @teamacecaptain – You can’t change the outcome of the ramps angle at that speed simply by ‚leaning back‘ in a long wheelbase vehicle lmao. If it were a bike where you have much more control over it then maybe..

  5. 4:00 OMG that chick on the right had me crying LMFAO.

  6. 5:57 had me like… hmmm she baddd.. what could go wrong….. ohhh -_-

  7. 4:05 : world record of the highest number of insults said in one second beaten!

  8. The clip with the kids dancing was too long and not funny

  9. 1:29 so funny watching two terrified little girls screaming because they might end up with life long burn marks. Thats some great parenting.

    1. RUNdone so if it hit the kid in her eye she’d be ok?  dude commenting  is right,, the dad is an idiot sitting there recording instead of getting   the candles or the kids out of there

    2. I wouldn’t let little girls that young do it. But we had plenty of roman candle/bottle rocket fights from our teens right up into our 30s. Only one dufus got hurt once. He threw his lit bottle rocket into his own pocket, full of unlit ones. And he had those polyester coaching shorts on that proceeded to melt. He laughs about it…now.

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