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Happy Friday! We have fresh fails for your face! This week we have an over eager dog, a hilarious prom proposal, and more! Submit your videos to!


German Shepard Accidentally Pulls Owner off Porch
Guy Faceplants After Failing Backflip off Inflatable Ball
Girl Backflips into Pool and Lands on Back
Guy Rides Human Wakeboard Across Water
Bulldog Lunges at Owner Dressed as Piñata
Kid Cries with Joy After Winning Video Game
Adult man Sits on Kid’s Swing and Breaks It
Man Gets Stuck in Medieval age Costume Kept on Display
Skateboarder Hits Cyclist While Trying Kickflip on Road
Guy Bounces off Inflatable Trampoline Into Water
Hesitant Woman Falls Into Pool Awkwardly
Little Girl Topples Over After Picking up Giant Teddy Bear
Girl Practicing Spin on one Leg Faces Unpleasant Fall
Wave Hits man Sleeping Peacefully on Boat
Security Guard Chases Skateboarder in Crowded Streets
Girl Trips While Trying to Jump Through Flaming Hoop
Customer Gives Hand-Drawn Outline of Foot as Shoe Size Reference
Supercar Overturns While Speeding up Slope
Guy Persistently Fails at Landing Parkour Trick
Guy Proclaims Love for Girl After Falling in front of Her
Guy Hits Wall Instead of Target While Bowling
Biker Flops Into Water While Trying to Skim Pond’s Surface
Robotic Garbage Truck Drives Away With Trash Can
Guy Falls While Swinging From Pull up Bar
Guy Faces Nasty Fall After Trying Backflip on Bike
Girls Face Embarrassing Fall From Scooter
Woman Breaks Seat While Riding Grandchild’s Tiny Bike
Skateboarder Chips Tooth After Faceplanting on Concrete
Guy Trips Over Ramp and Falls Clumsily Into Lake
Woman Drops Barbell While Doing Front Lunges

44 Kommentare

    1. +J T lmao teeth got nothing to do with your physique you cant change them

  1. That last clip really had me crying from laughter. Like you know when you’re looking at something so hopeful and then it’s comedically snatched????

    1. Nobody will listen because this is the YouTube comment section. I don’t have to explain why people won’t listen. Just think about it and accept that it’s a waste of time. Coming to this place and correcting other people as if they care enough is pointless. They’ll forget about it in 20 minutes prior to the „incident“.

      Or haven’t y’all noticed that the person who commented with improper grammar hasn’t returned to retort.

      I hope my comments had enough disgusting grammar and it to make y’alls skin crawl. Now that’s an achievement.

    2. I think it’s cause they missed the ramp. Or maybe just cause it’s embarrassing.

  2. 1:28 –>“I think i’m just falling in love with you!“ A pure genius

    1. with this logic literally any fail in these compilations is on purpose

  3. 2:26 Remember that time on Fortnite when you got rekt? Well this is who you lost to.

  4. That fortnite clip was just sad. From a parenting point of view they failed her!

    1. VIDURA JAYAWARDENE A huge part of our population have been let down by parents.It seems to have started in the late 90’s and been going downhill ever since

    2. OMG i agree. Its to much emotion for a child on a thing that doesent mather. Realy realy sad for that girl imagine how much time she spend just playing the game instead of realy playing and making friends etc. Todays parents are just lazy and are leting the kids destroy their future on the internet. This is such a long text couse it realy shocked me.

    3. +Fábio Santos oh calm down, you don’t know how much she played or how many friends she has or whatever. What you said is based on a couple seconds long video.. I just find it sad that they video taped her while crying and put it online like that.

    1. Garbage man „well I messed up. Better get rid of the evidence“

  5. 1:46 c’mon, man, check that size with your own shoe size. Ain’t that difficult, right?

    1. He could have also cut it out and put it in one of those shoe size reference charts they have at the store.

    2. I think a shoe sales men should know how to measure . But that’s just me.

    3. Cunts been stealing shoes all his life, he normally takes what he can get!

    4. its also not that difficult for the customer to know his own shoe size in the first place

  6. „I think I just fell in love with you‘ Soooo smooth.Lol. @1:27

  7. 3:12 somebody needs to sample this and build a song on the ooh ooh ooh loop

  8. Girl: You’re not going anywhere…
    Dog: Nope, but you are.

    1. Streets, blocks, experimental music sagt:

      It’s obvious, they are bad drivers _because_ they have the most expensive cars. Schade!

  9. 0:37 He didn’t break the plastic baby swing. He didn’t break the incredible cheap, plastic rope holding it up. He didn’t break the tiny eye hooks. He broke the ENTIRE board off the edge of the overhang. lol Everything about that was hilarious.

  10. I don’t like seeing people in pain, but for some reason I can’t stop watching

  11. 2:33 It’s kids like this that make everyone hate Fortnite

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