Grass Is Always Greener: Get Off My Lawn! (July 2018) | FailArmy

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Sometimes the gas isn’t always greener! Check out this stacked video featuring a ton fails that for sure left people with grass stains on their face! Submit your video at!


Girl Gets Shocked with Sprinkler During Yoga Practice
Russian Parkour Fence Jump Fail
Jump Over Baseball Fence Fail
Goat Runs into Fence
Backflipping Teen Eats Grass
Friends Fail at Jumping a Fence
Girl Fails to Jump Over Hurdle
Two Shirtless Guys Jump Fence Fail
Girls Try to Race Across Lawn with Tray of Cups
Lazy Lawn Mowing on Grass Hill
Skateboarder Scrapes Face on Pavement
Guy Attempts Front Flip and Slips on Grass
Skateboarding down Grass Hill Fail
Guy Breaks Fence during Backflip
Guys Try to Launch Themselves in the Air on Their Bikes
White Shirt Guy Falls Off Fence
Girl Gets Tossed and Faceplants onto Grass
Equestrian Horse Hesitates and Sends Rider to Ground
Woman Falls Off Plastic Chair Lift
Grandma Eats Grass
Slow Motion Faceplant into Grass
BIcyclist Faceplants into Grass
Dog Crashes into Fence
Woman Falls Hard into Ground After Dizzy Bat
Woman Snaps Tree Branch While Performing Acrobatics
Girls Trip and Fall After Playing Dizzy Bat
Guy Crashes Golf Cart During Race
Guy Pulls Prank While Playing Leap Frog
Power Kite Drags Guy Across Park

55 Kommentare

    1. Lee Whitworth no becuase it’s crappier then the other intro

    1. why should 1000000 peeps need to lower their sound level when 1 person could just keep it down

    2. Deleijon good point acc, but r u that lazy to just point ur finger to the side of the phone?

    3. first I’m not on a phone and second when I open new tabs I’m not always anticipating my ears to be fucking blown up

    4. Deleijon first of all if ur using a computer all u have to do still is use one finger to turn down the volume and so secondly if ur volume is already ur ears cant get blown up

    5. I open in new tabs everything I want to watch from my sub feed at the same time, so I don’t know when I’m at the video I need to lower the volume for.

  1. 0:55
    I love how he just sits back down as if he wasn’t involved in anything that just happened.

    1. Yeah, i think you could actually hear his face grating across the asphalt.

    1. It’s funny the grass is literally greener on the side he falls on, the intro lol

  2. 2:02 „I got that! I got that“ – You actually didn’t. Completely missed her hitting the ground.

    1. Waluigi for Smash Ultimate *No fucking way Sherlock -_-*

  3. 5:00 That’s a win though. Work smarter, not harder. 🙂

  4. 0:23 nice vag. You guys need to do better with censoring these

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