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Watch the behind the scenes here:

Super thanks to Freddie and Brandon for coming down from LA to be apart of these videos!!!

Super thanks to GoFilms who helped put this all together, and got us hooked up with all the WWII gear and vehicles, there movie just got released all around Utah in theaters. Check out there movie trailer for AIRBORNE CREED in the link below.

I got the WWII tank from my friend who owns one. Here's a link to his facebook fan page!

And last but not least, make sure to follow me on twitter and facebook, it's the cool thing to do these days 🙂

My friend Stephen Anderson wrote the music for this video! Make sure to check out Stephen's website in the link below!

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Freddiew and the Last Crusade Credits:
Directed by Devin Graham
Featuring: Freddie Wong and Brandon Laatsch
Produced by: Jacob Schwarz, Katie Crapo, Ray Meldrum, Adam Abel, Ryan Little, Devin Graham
WWII Historian / Coordinator/Armorer/Costume/Weapons: Ray Meldrum
SFX: Charles Johnson
Costume Designer for Freddie and Brandon: Allison Dredge
Visual effects/Motion Graphic Artist:
Ben Thompson
Jared Moench
Fence Breaking Visual Effects: Clinton Jones
Sound Design: Bryan Densley @ Densley Sound Design Inc.,
Color Correction: Jacob Schwarz
Makeup: Ben Brooksby
Music: Stephen Anderson
Cinematographers: Devin Graham, Ryan Little, Jace Leroy, Chris McClain, Jacob Schwarz
Edited by:
Jared Cook
Devin Graham
Voice over in the intro by: Adam Ferrero
Behind the Scenes Video: Jared & Amanda Cook
Randy Beard Cast/Jeeps/Tanks/Weapons/Costumes
Cast/Motorcycle and side car/ Jeep: Loic Anthion
Cast/Jeeps: Greg Brubaker
Behind the Scenes photographer: Scott Jarvie

For the rest of the cast and crew, check out my blog post below:

26 Kommentare

    1. and it wasnt the explosions or something it was that 2 men cut blow up a tank

    2. +Dzevad Babajic Have you ever seen an Indiana jones film? Or any action movie for that matter?

    3. It is ant that unrealistic I know the most history in my school

  1. That was a Pz. III/IV.. Anw.. I am fans of both of u devin and freddiew.. I watch all of yur vids. So it was surprising to see both of you work together..

  2. Since when does a coloured man drive a Hitler’s car?

    1. I think it’s the stone super power to protect: from aiming at you and first 3 explosions from one enemy.

  3. not that this is important, but you guys got the German military outfits wrong.

  4. Love the vid, but does anyone else strongly dislike that machine gun noise?

  5. hmm…its sims is a war like call of duty of them to finish 😛

  6. WOW… Every one is a critic. I think the film is fantastic.

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