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Are you tired of being broke? Submit your video and you could win $1,000: It’s time for the freshest fails of the week! We have a golfing mishap, a box jump gone wrong, and more! #FailArmy


Man Faceplants Trying to Jump a Creek on Bike
Guy Smashes Basketball in Face While Attempting Trickshot
Kid Slips Off Diving Board and Tumbles into Lake
Golfer Accidentally Hits Guy in Face with Club
Motorcyclist Flips Over and Falls While Performing Wheelies
Little Kids Arguing with Each Other Dramatically
Tandem High Divers Fail Stunt and Flop into Pool
Dog Makes Giant Mess and Poops on Floor
Crane Drops Metal Beam on Moving Car
Guy Hits Groin on Pile of Weights While Attempting Box Jump
Runaway Garbage Truck Jumps Wall and Crashes into Cars
Cosplayer Flails Backward and Falls While Dancing at Party
Woman Screams While Playing Virtual Reality Game
Girl Falls off a Horse in a Pond
Guy Fails Squat Jump Over Fence and Lands om Stomach
Laughing Boy Slips off Back of Swing
Woman Kicks Lamp onto Head While Doing Yoga
Woman Fails to Notice Friend Passing Out During Scary Ride
Guy Slips and Drops Dirt Bike off Side of Utility Trailer
Tree Trimmer Sends Tree Crashing Down on Own Truck
Woman Accidentally Rips off Eyebrow with Face Mask
Guy Hits his Head on Ceiling Fan While Dancing
Dad Fails at Jumping off a Ramp on a Bike

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    1. +Holey Trolley its not about raising pussies. Its about teaching them there are better ways to resolve something than physical violence. We arent cavemen going around bashing people with clubs when we get upset. They dont automatically know how to resolve conflict, it has to be taught. Dont step in and teach them when they are young, and you get young men getting into fist fights or pulling weapons when they get upset.

    1. Yeah the parents are recording it there just standing there

    2. Animatronic TV Right?? Stop effing recording it and put a stop to it.

    3. 1990:
      ThE fUtUrE wIlL bE gReAt We WiLl HaVe FlYiNg CaRs AnD hOvErBoArDs

    1. Like dogs, if you correct them at the right time and with the proper tone and intensity, you can make them do anything.

    2. GinCat they need a good spanking, what happened to that? I got em when i was theyre age and im glad i did i love my parents and Im not messed up! The kids that get no discipline seem to be nore messed up than the ones that are!!

  1. 2:22 wtf is wrong with the parents, just to stand there and film without a word said or action taken, damn idiots.Start being parents and stop trying to go „viral“.

    1. sure I bet your parenting skills are GOLD aren’t they, Huh sure…

    2. what parents? They never wanted these fuckers in the first place. Just the unfortunate result of being too horny

  2. 2:25 – 2:50

    How about instead of recording them, you actually step in and be a parent?

    1. Football is an English game invented by us long before what america calls football, which is in fact rugby for pussies.

    2. Only in American people call it soccer everywhere els you here football ignorant fucks that’s one of the reason why I bet Americans

    1. Kenneth Ord because they are in the northern hemisphere. In Australia it’s always the left.

    2. why did he instantly feint, it looked like he fainted even before the start lamo

    3. Reudig123 lol He was trying to act calm but you can clearly tell he was shitting his pants before it even moved. The fear plus the g force was probably too much for him to handle.

    4. i was looking for someone else who thought that . it was weird he almost instantly cashed out maybe he psyched himself out

  3. 4:16 He had it coming. No one should wear a speedo in public. He might as well go all the way with his douchebaggery and wear sunglasses inside. Lol.

    1. You should definitely never wear speedo in public since your body is looking nowhere near his. Thank you in advance.

    2. Is that the best joke you can come up with? Well, this is FailArmy, so I guess you’re on duty tonight, huh.

    3. I was going with adult diapers, but… let’s just call it a speedo. Lol.

    1. LibertyOwnz, couple of these clips were already in the last „best of the week“ video. That’s not excatly „so many“, but still that means that they are recycling videos quite badly.

    1. Zade YO Yes, and every circus performer and acrobat is entirely gay and unlike yourself missing the most important part of primary porn education.

    2. clray123
      what. u mean every circus performer and acrobat needs to do this thing? damn this is the first time i saw this and it doesnt even look impressive or anything just gay x(

    3. Zade YO I mean maybe you should grow up and get over your homophobic fantasies. I suppose you’re worried about taking off your shorts in the gym locker room because that’s „gay“, too.

  4. 30% not fails,
    30% not of the week
    30% too long
    10% all of the above

    1. JustinBieber he means that 10% are all that he said was wrong with the video dumbass

  5. 2:04 Awww, kids are so cute, I want to be a dad some day.
    2:23 I’m never having kids ever.

  6. 5:34 – „You know, men’s high diving isn’t fruity enough. So what we’re gonna do is, we’re gonna have you to stand on the platform and just 69 until you fall into the water.“

    1. I have one video, fail video on my chanell. How can i send it to FailArmy?

    1. No you’re not. Not sure what kind of aesthetic they were going for there.

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