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It’s time for another weekly round up of the best fails! We have an unfortunate rope swing incident, overzealous party goers, and more! Submit your videos to! Be sure to check out our new card game here:


Woman Faceplants on Dirt Road While Attempting Kiki Challenge
Raven Hangs off Owner’s Finger with Beak
Water Balloon Full of Paint Bursts in Boy’s Hands
Teen Breaks Golf Club’s Driver While Taking Trickshot
Overzealous Partygoer Drops Birthday Cake on Floor
Guy Falls Down Slippery Staircase
Guy Flies off Trampoline and Collides with Metal Pole
Guy Fails Backflip off Wall
Guy Walks Face First into Screen Door
Baby Pukes While Sitting on Dancing Dad’s Shoulders
Guy Crashes After Speeding Down Hill on Toy Bike
Toddler Accidentally Sprays Self in Face with Garden Hose
Homemade Diving Board Immediately Snaps Under Guy’s Weight
Boy Falls off Rope Swing and Faceplants into Stream
Guy Washes Car While it Rains
Amateur Skater Tumbles Downhill While Skating
Guy Falls Trying to High Kick a Punching Bag
Guy Falls into Lake While Trying to Climb Ridge
Girl Fails Handstand and Hits Face on Boat
Kid Falls Over Tub of Baseballs During Practice Game
Man Struggles to Open Party Popper While Giving Birthday Surprise
Little Girl’s Hilarious Attempt at Drinking from Water Fountain
Guy Belly Flops into Water After Jumping from Cliff
Driver Struggles to Park Van in a Tight Parking Space
Girl Chips Tooth While Trying out Skateboard
Masked Man Hides in Corner and Scares Kid
Baby Tumbles Off Piano Stool and Faceplants Onto Floor
Impatient Driver Tries to Move Past Truck and Crashes
Guy Accidentally Lands on Kid After Rope Swinging into Lake
Man Falls off Chair While Pushing Rainwater off Top of Tent

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  1. 2.27 you can see your baby is going to fall off the piano bench…just keep filming then idiot

    1. WTF is wrong with parent these days. „Babies Bounce“, „Babies, need to fall“. There developing brain is barly protected at that age.

    2. Its a slip onto a padded surface. Kids learn by doing. Bet next time it wont slide off the bench that way. If you wrap your kids in bubble wrap they never learn. Then you end up with 20 year olds who cant function without their mom. Its the same as the one at the beginning who toppled into the bin. Dad saw it coming, let the child experience what happens when you do that, then rescued the child.

    3. Steyr Acrx  Because they lack a solid/fused skull, their brain is actually able to swell and not get „cramped“ like an adult brain would in our inflexible skulls. They would fare better in some ways.

      When you’re a parent, or even just spend time around babies and toddlers, you’ll learn that falls are going to happen. Their weight lies in their heads. They angle too far to look at their feet? That’s a tumble. Turn their head too fast? Could be a tumble. Take a single step to start their day? ….aaaaand that’s a tumble.

      Babies aren’t coordinated, but they are flexible and resilient.
      „Babies need to fall“. Yes. Because they learn by experience. They will learn to stop themselves from falling, or learn to catch themselves when they do. They’ll also learn to pick themselves up.
      They’re not ultra-fragile. They can be troopers.

    1. +Evilwhiteclownpunk I am dying to see thinking as a challenge 😀

    2. song name is: „We’re out of time – Vacancy ft. MIA Pfirrman“ 🙂

  2. the man washing his car in the rain is not a fail its a spot free rinse

    1. hes prob dutch, this is probably in the drought period this year where it was forbidden to use water for purposes like these.

    2. 1/8 of a cubic mile of humans have no say over this planet…

    3. it rained once or twice for a few hours in 2 hot months. this is not normal for these parts. Even after the drought there was problems with the water because the reserves needed to fill up again.

    1. +yiledute Subscribe to my channel then i will subscribe to your channel my channels name is zahuvan gaming

  3. My journey is now complete, after many years of searching, I have finally found… new content on the failarmy channel. I may pass soundly now that my life is complete.

    1. Yeah it’s really fucking annoying that they keep posting themed compilations of „reruns“. On top of that they don’t title or thumbnail them differently enough to easily tell which ones are just the new stuff.

    2. Don’t you hate it when something that’s free doesn’t do exactly what you want it to?

  4. 4:05 isn’t a fail, he’s using the opportunity of a free rinse down by using a soapy sponge to clean the muck off his car then letting the rain rinse it off. The real fail is the people filming him thinking it’s a fail and then failarmy putting it in a fail video.

    1. The fail is, since your small brain failed to grasp, the fact that a man wealthy enough to own a Mercedes is so stingy that he would rather wash his own car with the rain rather than take it to an auto-wash

    2. +DeadWarlock handwash is always better the car/autowash though..

      Besides, looks like the man is enjoying it. Believe it or not, some people love to take care of their hard earned stuff..

      Also: why jump in insult mode?

  5. 5:41 babies puke… especially when bounced around just after being fed, what’s so „fail“ about that?

    1. The only fail here is that the baby totally missed the guy’s face.

  6. Is 4:05 really a fail?? I mean he is being productive why the car is being rained on??? AmIright?

    1. I assumed it was because of how likely he was to catch a cold.

  7. Whoever came up with the idea that a high tone bleep sound is better to hear than a swear word, should burn in all eternity.

    1. Yeah, but in South Park it’s funny. Here it just shows that failarmy is pack of cunts.

    2. FailArmy is considered a ‚family friendly channel‘, & it would be improper for kids to hear, hence the bleeping

    1. Better than going to the car wash. Free water, and its actually „running down“ like when you use a hose istead. Just dont use wax until it stops raining, the sun will dry it perfectly with no stains because you wash it.

    2. I was thinking the same thing! whilst evereybody else is living in 2018, this dude is living in 3018. I mean this is some 200 IQ stuff hahahaha.

    3. And it does. If there is dirt that has been baked on by the sun then soaking it in water like rain makes it come off so easily. This is not a fail at all.

    4. I have had my neighbors stare at me strange through windows a couple times while washing in the rain. I don’t have to pull the hose out, washes soap and dirt off my driveway at the same time, enjoy cooling off from the summer heat, etc. Win in my book. 🙂

    1. „Oh my toddler is about eat carpet… Good. Fall you motherfucker, so I can show others what a cool parent I am!“

    2. Generations are complete lies people have been the same throughout the ages it’s just people can record these moments now, but the bad ones attract more attention so go figure.

  8. 2:25 Chooses to film instead of helping his kid. People these days man

    1. Crows and Ravens are ridiculously smart creatures. One of the smartest on the planet. If you ever have a chance you should definitely try. They’re like dogs. They actually love to play.

    2. Chalapa Eduardovna My bad. Where I come from black birds that look like that are called crows.

  9. 0:59 Me trying to hang onto life and everyone tries to convince me I’m fine

  10. 2:27 Wow… He knew the baby was gonna fall but he still wanted to record rather than help the baby

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