Feline Fails: Cat Got Your Tongue? (July 2018) | FailArmy

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We hope you are FELINE fine! We have a brand new compilation featuring nothing but hilarious cat fails! Submit your videos to, and let us know your favorite in the comments below!


Cat Comes Out of Nowhere and Slaps Guy
Cat Jumps in Air and Lands on Girl’s Head
Cat Tries and Fails to Open Window
Cat Jump to Fridge Fail
Cat Scares Other Cat
Cat Pulls Gauze Out of Jars
Clumsy Cat Tries to Jump into Bathtub
Cat Runs Into Stove
Cat Rolls off Fridge
Cat Falls off Window Sill Trying to Swat at Neighbor Cat
Cat Jumps for Toy and Runs into Mirror
Cat Tosses Other Cat off Roof
Cat Tips Over
Cat Slips on Rug Trying to Jump on Table
Cat Protects Computer Mouse
Fat Cat Struggles to Flip Over
Cat Tries to Jump into Cabinet with Pillow
Cat Almost Falls Off Chair
Cat Falls Jumping on Curtain
Cat Latches onto Loaf of Bread
Fat Cat Stuck in Soda Box Falls
Cat Jumps Off Bed and Hits Mirror
Cat Falls Off Door Lands on Feet
Cat Falls in Bath
Cat Jumps Off Door into Mirror
Cat Flips Backwards
Kitty Falls Asleep While Biting Toe
Cat Falls Off Bookshelf Backpack
Printer Scares Cat when Paper comes out

Feline Fails: Cat Got Your Tongue? (July 2018) | FailArmy

48 Kommentare

    1. nah you have just changed. do you enjoy life anymore at all? lmao

    1. your comment was a replay from last video, unoriginal and copied from another person. 3 fail points for you my man!

    2. He’s right tho I frankly remember all these from previous vids. FA starts to be utter trash.

    1. The new intro and outro are disgusting and too loud. Also the failarmy „theme“ is now gone, replaced by obnoxious electric guitar…

  1. So I come back after months of not watching this channel, and the only new things I noticed were the intro and outro, all the vids I remember fondly of previous Failarmy vids

  2. Who else miss the ‚Fail‘ days now we got cancerous memes like ‚Ligma‘.

    1. Ever since they changed the intro/outro I’ve been on the fence on whether to unsub or not.

  3. come on, failarmy, i’ve seen all of these in your other videos. there’s a million funny cat videos out there, put some effort in

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks this! The whole channel is a fail now.

    2. I think I submitted 3 videos that still haven’t appeared: one of my teacher destroying a cup of mine, one of a squirrel eating cat food, and one of a tortoise biting my shoe. I’m glad this one has cats because cats are cute and I love cats, but they’ve started slacking off too much


    2. 2:12 Give me a bun, back(!)
      2:17 It’s a bun, a fool.
      Так вроде.

  4. With such a commitment to recycling, you should change your name to GreenArmy.

  5. Oh God. It’s finally happened…

    …we’ve run out of cat videos.

    1. I’ve sent before and they haven’t used them. =( I swear they are very picky with what they get.

  6. I’m unsubscribing… used to love failarmy but now they recycle too much fails in their videos… far too much to say that it’s by mistake… and their new intro is hideous.
    Failarmy- not all changes are for the best

  7. Most of these are rehashed from 2015-17. I doubt you lot are lacking new clips. Just do more of those.

    1. I do, I only use it to watch my aliens movies though for that original feel 🙂

    2. reynel4 yes original feel , every thing was original at 90s and 80s , I agree

  8. 1:40 Flat Earth debunked. If the Earth was flat cats would’ve pushed everything off it by now.

  9. Thumbs down every video until that goddamn ear destroying opening/ending song is gone.

  10. C’mon failarmy your channel is starting to fall intro/oitro is horrible, vids are repetive and your basically putting crap on a plate.

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