False Start!: Best Fails of the Week! (May 2018) | FailArmy

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How in the world is it May already? Anyway, here are the best fails of the week. Let us know your thoughts down below, and keep those submissions coming. If you have a good clip, or know someone who does, submit at

Guy Jumps off Bench Towards Wall
Guy Loses Ski While Flying off Ramp
Athletic Woman Fails at Performing Gymnastic Stunts
Guy Falls in River After Attempting to Walk Over Fallen Tree
Guy Loses Control of Dirt Bike and Launches Into Friend
Guy Rides Bike off Cliff and Faceplants Lake
Toddler Fails to Smash Egg on Dad’s Head
Woman Falls off Zip Line and Splashes Into Water
Guy Tries to Board Canoe for the First Time
Guy Knocks Over Tower of Wine Glasses
Guy Smashes Brother’s Face Into Birthday Cake
Runaway Sled Glides Down Hill and Hits Sledders
Sidecar Motorcycle Drives off Edge of Bridge
Seagull Steals Pack of Bacon From Woman’s Cart
Persistent Little Boy Spills Cups of Juice and Slips on Floor
Girl Falls Down While Biking Across Snowy Bridge
Guy Playing Beer Pong Bounces Ball Into Own Cup
Skier Can’t Launch off Platform
Keyboard Collapses Under Musician’s Fingers
Kid Breaks Glass With Knife
Glass Table Explodes in Man’s Hands
Girl Tries to Jump Over Pole
Runaway Snowmobile
Guy Doing Handstand Falls and Breaks Mirror
Guy Tries to Carve Pumpkin on Rotating Machine
Snowboarder Tries to Jump Through Ring of Fire
Wind Blows Away Large Trampoline
Baby Falls Down and Pulls Tablecloth
Kid Unexpectedly Pops Gender Reveal Balloon on Way to Car
Guy Tries to Clear Snow on Neighbor’s Roof

False Start!: Best Fails of the Week! (May 2018) | FailArmy
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59 Kommentare

  1. Wow. Only five clips were previously used in a video in the past week. Congrats.

    1. Is it bad that I’m actually impressed that they reused that little of clips compared to how many the normally use?

    2. New Sketch No, it’s good. I even checked if I was watching a Failarmy video.

    1. That’s not a fail, that’s a prank. You guys of all people should know the fucking difference.

    2. Can you do a different intro? This same intro is pissing me off.

    1. Leif Shelmerdine did you just assume his, I mean, their gender????!!!!!!! Burn!!!! fascist!

    1. That’s the noise my wife made too when I poked her butt hole

    2. He was hitting the less dense snow around the trees…that’s actually a real problem. It won’t support your weight on foot, but skis or a sled or whatever you’re ok.

  2. 0:18 Did that baby just say „Dad I’m pregnant“ and pass out? LOL

    1. I thought the baby said „Dad, I’m Batman“ and then passed out

  3. That was not the reaction I was expecting from that little kid at 4:01, he immediately says that he needs to clean it… You would expect him to cry or whine… I wish this kid was my brother

  4. 4:10 – 4:23 I was really cheering for the guy to get that snowmobile! He put so much effort into his running, to bad he ended falling on his face

    1. Well, half of it – they keep regurgitating stuff on an epic level recently

  5. 4:51
    >Hits father with egg
    *oh crap I screwed up, victim mode on*

    Basically every woman ever

    1. That’s not a woman, you absolute dickwad. That’s a child.

  6. 3:42 poor little getting som juice but failed the mission

    1. Clorox Bleach mission failed, we’ll get em next time

    1. sogerc1 agreed… the kids in the background were not laughing.

    2. I never saw how people think that’s funny. It just seems mean to me.

    3. I couldn’t agree more…’s just down right stupid and mean, ruined the cake for no reason, what a jerk!

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