Fails of Summer: Baseball and Softball Fails | FailArmy

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Summer is here, and that means two things – it’s getting hot out there, and there’s a bunch of fails on the base paths! Enjoy this hilarious video of baseball and softball fails. Have a favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. 3:07
    ’smacks ball with a bat in front of a window‘
    *is suprised the window broke*


    1. You tried; you failed. „its“ is correct. It’s not „..even do it is job“

    2. Yeah actually how he used it is correct. It didn’t do „its“ job. “ It’s “ would mean „it is“.

    3. What a funny attempt at being the Grammar Nazi. No capitals, no punctuation and „correcting“ someone that is right, rofl. Kid, if you want to correct someone just make sure you are correct, otherwise you will look like an idiot.

    1. That may have been the coolest thing I’ve ever seen, legitimately.

    2. 4 Shadow That was the Quebecois Renaud Lefort. He plays with „les 4 chevaliers“ which is a team of 4 unbeatable softball players playing against any team who dares challenging them. They are often called the „Globetrotters of softball“.

    1. Yup, I experienced it once too many times in the past 6 years now with many painful times to come

    1. TyrranosVmV you just drink a lot and then something happens. Im more of a football guy myself

    1. corbyn collins: this fool needs to stick to his day job and if this is his day job…..EBT

    2. Daniel Ponce theres nothi ng funny about it, but it is definately a win when you hit a homerun with one hand

    1. Дикий Чан пусть в хоккей у себя в квартирах хуячатся

    2. Дикий Чан согласен ребёнку в харю забредила со всей дури ума видать нет

    1. Jayden Hussey whats weird is that this took place in my home town

  2. there is obviously some magnetic force acting between baseballs and fathers‘ groin areas, that scientists should be looking into.

    1. Антон Плотников one of the dumbest commenters

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