Don’t Be Such a Baby: Kid Fails (September 2018) | FailArmy

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It’s time to grow up! We have a fresh video featuring some hilarious kid fails! Don’t worry, none of the kids were hurt!

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  1. Yeah just let ur baby shake the piss outta the mirror, those things never break

    1. They make acrylic mirrors. Most cheap mirrors are acrylic these days.

    2. It’s a plexiglass framed floor mirror. They weigh under 5 lbs. and generally cost under 6$ US.

  2. Why would you film your child messing around with a mirror and wait for them to break it just for a „funny“ video?! So dangerous

    1. psycho joe its not the babies strength its about gravity force

    2. +dash sia read what they wrote they said break not fall over they said it might break which is stupid babies do not have the strength to break a full length mirror

    3. they point is the glass will shatter and it could injure the kid… no matter how it was done whether by kid or the gravity

    4. He probably thought his kid was looking at him self and didn’t have enough time to react when it fell on him or her

  3. Why did the hell did the parent or supposed adult @ 3:30 allow this child to play with a glass mirror.

    1. These clips should be chased up and the people investigated. Disgusting, could of been scared for life

    2. Jaebodiah
      It’s not about the mirror, it’s about the dumb parents , who film their kids when they know they gonna hurt themselves. As a parent I knew that the baby will fall when the video started. But of course, film it and put it on youtube, hell yea!

  4. 03:30 ..what the F was that ! what kind of stupid parents … !

    1. agree, it’s obviously more important for them to film with their mobile then keeping their child out of harms way

    2. psygn0sis the baby can get a concussion from the fall ur a dumbass smh

    3. Dont know if its plastic or glass, but those things crack easily and are sharp

    4. Have a mirror very similar to this and they are quick flexible but they are not plastic.

    5. The parents are not stupid! The baby just fall she’s not dead

    1. Who cares? It’s funny. And I assume, they wouldn’t be in this video if they involved a serious injury.

  5. 3:30 who ever recorded this video is the dumbest people in the world , lucky you the mirror didn’t break !

    1. Du bist wie ein T-Rex, grosses Maul aber kein Bizeps. sagt:

      Dude the glass shattered and the baby got micro shards in one eye, it did have to be amputated

  6. This person letting a kid play with mirror. That could have ended very badly. Don’t be ignorant like that.

  7. 3:44 I have such a dirty mind I thought that was a vibrator…

  8. 3:29 – That’s right, just sit there and film. Dolt. 🙁

  9. 1:12 accualy thats not funny .. Imagine that baby fall and broke the head on that hard surface …

    1. Lukáš Brkl Well she didn’t. And by the way, it takes more than a tile floor to break a skull. I tripped headfirst into my stairs and my skull was fine. To crack your skull it would have to be a very rough impact, like being hit by a car. Not a little slip.

    2. Babys cant really broke there heads , up to 12-15 months the head is so soft that you can push it in with your fingers. Same for the other bones , Theres even a baby that Fall down 50m in an elevator shaft and had no broken bone

  10. You try keeping your balance when 80% of your total weight is above your neck.

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