Dive Right In: Diving Fails (October 2018) | FailArmy

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Look out below! We have a fail compilation featuring people diving with less than perfect form! We have belly flops, back flops, and more! Submit your videos to!

40 Kommentare

    1. And you’re gonna provide them I suppose? If not then stfu

    1. That was nice of you to say. Or, type. Either way, thanks.

    2. Should have told me that at the beggining of the day not at 8:43 pm when Im just about to change to my Pjs

  1. 4:32 lmao this clip was priceless, one of the best fails ever on this channel.

    1. the guys who was watching,his face expression was hilaryous

    2. I make compilations with only new video’s. Thanx for supporting.

  2. 1:50 How perfectly he unfolded that bellyflop just in time! haha

    1. He did! He also looks like an Orc from the Lord of the rings movies.  : )

  3. Another whole video of people overreacting to people not going in perfectly. Unless you are at extreme heights belly flops do not hurt.

    2:42 Look, a bunch of chittering monkeys.

    1. And his gainer was completely bullshit I would have laughed too

    2. Plot twist: it wasnt about race but rather about the sound they were making.

  4. The most Painful thing is A Ball sack under a Hydraulic press.

  5. 1:00-1:05 poor lad. he had to sit there for a few moments just knowing what his face and stomach was gonna feel for multiple minutes.

  6. Knowledge Is Contagious Pass It Around sagt:

    4:37 the guy standing there shows no reaction whatsoever.

  7. I hate it how people’s first reaction to this is laughter, I mean yeah sure I don’t care if you laugh after you make sure they’re okay.

    Edit: I mean I shouldn’t be saying this, because I crack up every time, but still.

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