Desert Fails: The Sands of Failure (November 2018) | FailArmy

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Happy Tuesday! Enjoy this compilation featuring desert fails! We have ATV fails, Dune buggy fails, and more! Submit your videos to!

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    1. Yeeeeeah, not doing yourself any favors, buddy. Take your complex elsewhere.

    1. I disagree, these are the people that keep Humanity Alive…………..

    2. Since you used the word „Miracle“ then it’s not humanity it’s God.

    1. „Дебилы, БЛЯДЬ“, – Лавров. Министр иностранных дел.

    2. +Don’t Say Сало Уронили, Свинорылый!

    3. ​+Коршиков Василий как легко тебя бомбануть

  1. The one at 3:40 is a class 4 felony those cacti are highly protected. It costs $1000 USD for a permit to even move one in your own yard and you have to hire a licensed professional.

    1. ^^ This is what I came here to say. They show things that can land you in federal prison. Idiots.

    1. +Evilwhiteclownpunk It automatically says upload date below video, poindexter. YouTube is not a library. It doesn’t work the same.

    2. YITT… Merriam-Webster dictionary defines library as „a place in which literary, musical, artistic, or reference materials (such as books, manuscripts, recordings, or FILMS) are kept for use but not for sale“… seems like YouTube fits that description, poindexter… But you just keep creating whatever false logic you need to support your delusions that FailArmy puts a date there because it means anything other than that is the date the video was published, poindexter…

    1. I went back to their 2013 playlist and it’s the same fucking clips lmfao

    2. yea lol i bet u saw these clips before those wert even recorded

  2. 0:52 I don’t understand how people in all these fail videos don’t realize that they need to lean back a little so they don’t nose dive straight into the ground…

  3. Why… just why would you drive into a cactus?! Foolish peasant gets what he paid for

  4. I will never understand the mentality of intentionally jumping into a cactus. Seriously — Whisky Tango Foxtrot?!?

  5. Wish I felt bad for people that purposefully dive headfirst into cactus… but naw xD let the stupid be stupid and see where that gets them.

  6. Как же приятно услышать родное блядь среди кучи видосов)

  7. Seriously though, that one guy trying to wrestle cactus, what did he think would happen?

    1. He probably thought he’s in a movie or a cartoon, some sort of cactus-fighting superhero. Otherwise beats me to answer that question.

    2. lmao he knew what would happen. his name is jeffabel and he hurts himself for views

    3. +Pyrogenix Masochist he is, and an eager one it seems! Feel a mixture of disgust and adfmiration for him.

  8. Top two fun facts about sand:
    1. It’s coarse
    2. It gets everywhere

  9. I have never once looked at a cactus and thought, „hey maybe I should jump into that.“ These people aren’t allowed to breed…are they?

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