Dance Session – Ensoul Warehouse | DEVINSUPERTRAMP

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All dancers in the video represent and are part of the new streetwear brand, Ensoul Collaboration.

They sponsor all subcultures of movement, and the current team consists of all styles of dancers, pro bmx riders, freerunners, DJ's, and graffiti artists. Make sure to check out their website, and their facebook page in the link below!

The music that was featured in the video is from the band MUSCLE HAWK! You can download the song on there iTunes in the link below!!

Artist: Muscle Hawk
Song: Set Yourself On Fire
Album: SuperFuture

Here's a link to their iTunes where you can download the song from the video!

Also be sure to check out their facebook, and website!

The film was made by Devin Graham.
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Also my friend Michael Boren helped shoot all the behind the scenes for this video which will be coming out very soon!

We shot the video entirely on our production company's camera, the Red Epic. You can find out more about our production company that Jake, Katie, and I started in the link right below!

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19 Kommentare

  1. Hey Devin what camera setup did you use to get this quality and lights without the glare?

  2. Hey man would you be interested in shooting a music video for me? I know you are probably booked like crazy but It’d be awesome. Love your work.

  3. who else thinks the girls did awful compared to the guys

  4. The blonde girl, where we saw in that clip was awesome, the dancing was crap but the Cameraview and cuts was great. More videos from that blonde girl 😉

  5. It would be a shame for you not to bulk up when other people accomplish it easily using Slim Body Maximizer (search for it on google).

  6. I dont understand why everyone is bitching about girls looking sexy!

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