Color Me Rad – Running in Colors | DEVINSUPERTRAMP

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Check out the Color Me Rad run to find out when it will be near you!

Film by Devin Graham
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My friends at "Music You Can Swim To" composed the song for this video.
You can check them out in this link below.


And you can download the song in this link!
Cinematography by:
Devin Graham
Jace LeRoy
Jacob Schwarz

Edited by:
Kaitlin Snow

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This was filmed with Canon 5D Mark II and a Canon 5D Mark III.

19 Kommentare

  1. Who ever came up with this fad needs to go away and disappear.


  2. Yup it is, check it out on the website colormerad . com ^^

  3. I was on the color me rad Sacramento and I even got featured on their Facebook page

  4. yes, things liek run or dye or the color run
    it’s made of cornstarch ahaha
    i know cause I’ve volunteered there and it is a hell of a time

  5. Wow girl i appreciate this … just cause I said LOL like at least i didn’t say i hated the video or other stuff i just said LOL

  6. Now I wanna play in some Hippie Powder
    And yes it’s safe to breathe in, it’s just colored cornstarch.

  7. i did color me rad and its 100% safe and edible if it got in your mouth, they were sure to tell us when we got there.

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