Canal Boarding – Ghetto Wakeboarding | DEVINSUPERTRAMP

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Music by Kyle Andrews – "Turn the Radio Up"
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This was shot all on a Canon 5D Mark III, and a Glidecam HD 2000.


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27 Kommentare

  1. its funny in all his videos he makes a group of people stand together and pretend to be partying and you can sense the awkwardness

    1. That probably means theres no alchohol involved, which is ok for these types of outings.  Lol.

    1. Yeah way too much money.
      Wow they can afford wakeboards….

    2. Did you notice the boomcams, stabilization, models and professional editing? Guess not. And I wrote that comment because he’d call it „Ghetto“ wakeboarding. None of that was made to seem ghetto or cheap at all all. And when you have too much money, you can afford this many models to make a video about wakeboarding in a storm drain.

    1. Somehow way more fun than cable pulls on the old winch.

  2. 1:35 *smokes his head on cement*… „And on that note, I think we’ll wrap it up for today guys. Good footage!“

  3. Pretty freikin badass.  Dam watch the side barriers though, an accident waiting to happen.

  4. I respect you guys. You guys live the life that some kids dream of.

    1. Yeah, it in utah, look up hill Air Force base, utah on google maps or something and the canal is around the base, the canal goes a long ways so they might be in a different place of the canal

  5. Is this Spanish fork Utah? Cause me and my buddies do this all the time on the Salem side of the canal. Awesome video!

    1. That’s exactly where it was filmed. I can’t believe you guessed since all access roads look the same.

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