Broken Glass: Shattering Expectations

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It’s that time again! We have a brand new video that will shatter your expectations. We have people breaking glass in just about every way imaginable! Submit your videos to!


Woman Shatters Champagne Bottle with Glass
„Kids Kick Soccer Ball into Glass “
„Guy Shatters Glass Table with Sword “
Board Game on Glass Table Fail
„Kid Breaks Glass Table “
„Plate Glass Falls off Ladder “
„Parkour Breaks Window “
Girl Tries to Twerk on Window
Basketball Dunk Shatters Backboard
Glass Door Shatters into Pieces
Stump Removal Shatters Car Windshield
Dunk Practice Leads to Shattered Backboard
Mirror Falls and Shatters on Top of Man
Guy Shatters Window While Throwing DVD Player From Building
Golfer Accidentally Shatters Mirror While Practicing Indoors
Bus Driver Misjudges Gap and Shatters Window
Guy Hits Golf Ball and Shatters Light
Girl Breaks Light While Practicing Swings
Squash Player Shatters Glass Mid-Game
Soccer Trick in House Leads to Broken Glass
„Harlem Shake Girl Smashes Glass “
Frisbee Trick into Tire Breaks Window
Workers Drop Cases of Beer from Truck
Weightlifter Breaks Window after Barbell Rolls Away
„Guy Falls Off Skateboard and Breaks Glass Door “
„Woman Drops Tray Full of Glasses “
Baseball Swing Broken Window FAIL !
„Sharp Sword Breaks Glass Table “
„Siblings Break Glass Table While Wrestling “
„Guy Catches Two Beer Bottles but Drops Third “

72 Kommentare

    1. I laugh at them, their not in any ‚Real‘ danger; Other then the lil kid I didn’t like that one I hope he didn’t hurt his leg.

  1. Now I just wonder how much all of those broken windows are gonna cost them.

    1. I fit windows for a living, and I’ve just priced the whole video up… £107,000 gbp plus about £900 for all the crates of beer, and one bottle of bubbly. That’s if they all want double glazed, and live within 100 mile radius. Thanks.

    2. +Stever the Beaver You’re the hero we didn’t know we needed but do not deserve…

    1. perhaps you shouldn’t eat glass that’s contaminated with blood – you’ll get aids.

    2. +31redorange08 but paper is sharp, it can give you paper cuts. but when i eat it i don’t taste blood, so your logic makes no sense.

      and don’t you drink from a glass? does that taste of blood? no it does not.


    4. +paul paul Don’t play dumb, my dude xd The difference between paper and glass is massive. Glass is crunchy and tastes better

  2. U have really paltry glass and windows in USA. In Europe windows are much more stronger XD

    1. +JackStrait pretty sure c31979839 changed the subject because double glazing is far more superior than your paper glass and matchstick houses.

    2. Everything is worse in the USA. They make everything so cheap

    1. My guess it’s a weighted club to practice swings, but why the hell was he on his knees…

    2. +Xethmondeus Wave Tbh he probably is mentally handicapped… Smashed a fluorescent tube
      and just stands under it breathing in all the mercury

  3. 0:16 how did that break if the machete didn’t even touch it.

    1. +Umar Ansari you need to go frame by frame with , and . only then you can see the frame where it hits

    2. Use the < and > keys to go frame by frame. The jug bounced the sword down into the table.

  4. The idiot with the giant sword and watermelon blows my mind!
    How could they all not see that happening!!!???

    1. If anything, I’m surprised the sword didn’t shatter since it’s a wall-hanger.

    1. Ian Paul all of thwm are glass and dey all broke my friens

    1. One of the guys swallowed 3 Viagra tablets half an hour ago and they just kicked in.

    1. Damn that table is weak they weren’t even applying much pressure

    2. too many elbows leaning down on the glass table top. You can’t apply too much pressure on glass table tops, you have to break them in 🙂

  5. 100% chance the girl in the last clip ran off and blamed it on a white kid.

    1. all the white just stood in horror and waited to accept blame and cost, all the blacks ran away 😀

  6. i don’t understand what some of these people are thinking when they chose to do what they do xD

  7. Dear Fail Army,

    What happened? Did you sell your channel to some idiots or something? The best thing about your channel used to be that you could count on the fact that every video was full of fails that were never seen before or exclusively on FA. Now more than half of the clips are totally played out ones that we’ve all seen a million times. Did people stop sending in clips? The drop off in quality is crazy. I want my Fail Army back! The last few videos are unwatchable to anyone familiar with the channel.

    1. Only on Tuesdays they reuse clips to show stuff like Headshot Fails, Fire Fails, Face Plants, etc.
      But Friday are some new weekly fails. Maybe you should just watch the Friday Fails.

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