Bee Keeper Business: Fails of the Week (November 2018) | FailArmy

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Happy Friday! We have a great batch of fails for you! This week we have an unlucky beekeeper, a scaredy cat, and more! Submit your videos to!

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  1. „Fails of the week“ 23 seconds in and I already see 2 fails from literally YEARS ago.

    1. +Kundolyzac Watch out my friend, triggered keyboard warriors and failarmy fans are coming to offend you because they can’t accept reality.

    1. Hanri honestly I’m a little freaked out by the new movie

  2. really starting to see the decline in quality in this channel. Find myself just watching and not laughing like I did before.

    1. or maybe you just don’t find people getting hurt funny like I do

    2. BUT be fair they dont really need quality clips cuz they have 14mil sub

    1. +flippedoutkyrii she didn’t solve anything, the weights just happened to fall off that end of the bar when she got there. You can see that she never touched the weights, only the bar.

    2. He probably would of got that lift, just because a weight slows down doesn’t mean you can’t do it, he kept his disciplineyechnique and didn’t panic, shitty spotters like these panic, never panic keep it smooth if your going to help

    3. Practically every gym fail is some clown lifting way too much. Yeah, you want to be stronger, but you work up to it, you don’t get strong on one or two reps of stupid weight then six weeks of injury recovery!

    4. Nunnha B that guy had it tho, it was a good lift. definitely going for a one rep max. not a gym fail on his end.

  3. That last one at the pool…omg I hope he’s ok. Geez that made me cringe so hard.

    1. ThomasMarioFan 11 bet he heard some ringing for a while

  4. it’s 2018 stop censoring the swears already… no one cares

  5. The content is starting to fall off. If you need to wait longer to get better videos then do so. We’d rather have quality over quantity! Just giving some constructive criticism.

    1. I know some videos are good but a lot of videos are just boring to watch

  6. 03:52 That guy’s voice broke halfway through that laugh. Welcome to puberty son

  7. Wtf failarmy? All of these clips are in your videos like four years ago.

  8. 90% of these were from like a year to THREE YEARS AGO!
    Come on.

    1. Yeah 3 years ago a normal person wouldn’t remember it if u want quality send more fails it’s not ur channel

    2. +Kally’s gymnastics fun Take a look at the comments, SO damn many people are pointing out the exact same thing.
      People DO remember.

    1. They seem to have a lot of „accidents“ lately, don’t they?

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