Bark Bark: Dog Fails (August 2018) | FailArmy

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Bark bark! This week our theme is dogs! We have some good dogs, some bad dogs, and some dumb dogs!! Submit your videos to!


Dog Peeks Through Hole in the Wall
Dog Falls into Handstand
Dog Attempts to Jump Onto Couch and Falls
Dog Slides Down Hill
Dog Does Brazilian Dance with Boy
Dogs Play Dead with Owner
Dog Doesn’t Want to Wake Up
Dog Ashamed of Tearing up Couch
Chihuahua Wears Makeup and False Eye Lashes
Dog Can’t Pass Through Gate
Owner Makes Dog Pick up After Herself
Dog Groomed to Look like a Zebra
Dog Humps Varoious Trash Cans
Husky Crawls Through Small Cat Flap
Dog Jumps into Hammock and Breaks it
Dog plays with Beetle in the House
Dogs Slide on Slippery Floor
Dog Hits Man in the Face with Tree Branch
Dog Runs into Glass Door
Dog Slides off Deck and into Water
Dog Steals Sled
Dog Snags Quadcopter off Table
Dog Slips off Couch
Dog Steals Owner’s Car Keys to Stop Her From Leaving
Magician Confuses Dog with „What the Fluff“ Challenge
Dog Jumps on Guy’s Nuts
Dog Slides Head First into Tree
Dog Shocked After Getting Bopped on Head With Tennis Ball
French Bulldog Likes Men’s Underwear

52 Kommentare

    1. The action the dog performs is barking, and the sound the dog makes is woof.

    1. Definitely Keith, one of the best parts for sure. There is no other animal on earth that connects with us like a dog. Zero.

    1. Those dogs have been inbred to be genetic freaks, whose nose is too small to breath, and whose skull is too small for their eyes. Look at the x-ray of a pugs head, it’s horrifying. Choose healthy mongrel dogs instead

    2. Mr Motivator is right. But as long as it’s „cute“ right? Humans are fucking twats.

    3. +Robert Luther wow a dog hit his head and walked it off

      Oh someone just died oh i think the dog is more important

    1. Elior Is Online this is brazil bro, everyone here is crazy

  1. Poor dog at 5:55 cmon who does that to them, is he fine or did it hurt him in anyway??

    1. I do hope he isn’t hurt but thank you for the time stamp so I can replay the impact over and over easily

    1. Came here to agree with this comment and make sure I wasn’t just going crazy. Lol

    2. Check out the Ultimate Fails of 2016. There’s one of the videos that appear here.

    1. Eduardo Navarro yea… Dogs don’t ask for it and u generally shouldn’t do that to then

    2. Eduardo Navarro how is the use of a non harmful dye on an animal with no „sense of art“ animal abuse? Non harmful dye….. keys in the fucking name.

    3. Pet pamper groomer in San Leandro, Cal. I think.its pretty cute. Not my style but it’s cute.

  2. 3:25 I see my x-wife finally released her sex tape. I always knew the dude she was screwing was a real dog.

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