Animals Can Be Jerks! (June 2018) | FailArmy

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Not all animals are sweet and nice. Some can be flat out jerks, and it’s hilarious!! Enjoy these funny animal fails, and let us know which is your favorite in the comments. Woof!


Cat Hides to Sneak Attack Other Cat
Dog Wags Tail on other Dog’s Head
Cat Traps Dog in Blanket
Mockingbird Attacks Red-Tailed Hawk
UPS Driver Fights Wild Turkey
Parakeet Doesn’t Want to Share Peanut
Black Cat Annoys Comfortable Dog
Dolphin Steals iPad
Cat Keeps Owner Away from Computer
Dog Pushes Cat into Bathtub
Dog Eats Burger
Dog Enjoys Stolen Burger
Cat Knocks Mug off Table
Turkeys Hold Driver Hostage
Puppy Sits on Sibling’s Head
Llama Spits in Woman’s Face
Birds Fight
Excited Guy Gets Attacked by Cat
Cat Won’t Let Little Boy Finish Puzzles
Dog Dunks Cat’s Head into Snow
Bird Knocks over Toy Towers
Monkeys Jump On Top of Woman
Ram Chases Man Up Tree
Bird Won’t Allow Owner to Work
Cat Knocks Drone out of Air
Aggressive Goose Attacks Pestering Student

Animals Can Be Jerks! (June 2018) | FailArmy

50 Kommentare

    1. Does that mean I can’t take a picture because I only have a iPad and I don’t have a phone? Better buy one

    2. I don’t own an ipad, but I don’t understand this (apparently) popular sentiment. Why, exactly, do people hate people taking pictures with their ipads.

    1. Evilwhiteclownpunk vs the braindead idiots who think this is new content.

  1. 0:00 that’s what she gets for using an iPad to take a video

    1. Paid fifty bucks for it on amazon and tells everyone it is 600 dollars . like why would you say a bullshyt price. Who pays 600 for electronics. Oh americans do. I forgot.

    1. Yeah, the guy got hurt pretty badly. Surprised at how bad too.

    2. where can i find the whole video…this is intense..

  2. dog stealing food in the end just means it was never trained and it doesn’t respect humans or see his/her owner as leader, it is very unhealthy way to raise an animal.

    1. it’s true. It means the owner is lazy and or very weak minded and she shouldn’t own a dog. This dog posses danger to her and other humans because it was never trained to respect them. Sooner or later it will attack someone and outcome can be lethal.

    2. chebz human or not human I will let them know not to touch my food especially right if front of me. *I will open the gates to hell*

    1. lillyandgarth I would be so triggered if that dog took my damn cheese burger.

    2. Luisa Androne so? A dog should respect you and NEVER touch your food. It should know to never eat unless it’s his own food. It’s called respect

  3. June 2018? Some videos were from last decade haha

  4. Polish guy with hard to spell name ;-p sagt:

    1:11 clearly a fedex turkey secret agent fighting the competition undeturkey…I mean undercover

    1. I thought the same thing….the guy behind the turkey is like his trainer.

    2. Marilyn Alvarez that turkey was a Pokémon of the FEDex corporation and that guy was one of their grunts xD

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