Amusement Park Fails: This Was Supposed to Be Fun! (July 2018) | FailArmy

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Summertime at the amusement park means thrills, corn dogs and roller coasters to most people. But if you’re like us, it means hilarious fails at waterparks, people passing out on slingshots and much more! Have one of your own from this summer? Submit it at!

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    1. No big deal. My face also does that when I’m trying to stop peeing and can’t.

    1. That’s the type of kid I hope to raise! Ballsy with a big heart

    1. Ian IO by looking at him he looks like he plays Fortnite

  1. We need more Megatron just out in public schooling selfie morons.

  2. that little boy on the slingshot stole my heart. what a brave, considerate little man to reassure his friend without ridiculing him. high fives, buddy.

  3. When are people going to stop riding sling shots? It never ends well.

    1. The black guys face at 6:43 LOL!! N then mutters something about ‚it aint that bad baby come‘ . Hope he took spare underwear to the theme park

    2. Rode it. Was quite an experience. Would definitely do it again.

    3. Hello, can you please tell me what’s the song you use in your New outro ?

  4. The kid at 3:30 is so cool, he wasn’t even making fun of the other kid, he is awesome!

    1. That is because he is a life guard, you can tell bury what he is wearing. If he made fun of him, he would have probably gotten fired.

    2. MrJoker982 they’re talking about the two little boys on the slingshot

  5. 7:08 “ You aight“? For someone that’s just passed out, yeah, she’s fine. =D

  6. The sling shot clips are always hilarious – but 4:00 that kid is a great friend! awesome little dude.

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